Restaurants we should try but haven't?!?


Ok we have eaten at a good variety of restaurants at WDW, so tell me ones that are good that we have not hit yet!

Here is where we have eaten:

:mickey: Crystal Palace
:mickey: Ohana’s
:mickey: CRT
:mickey: Pecos Bills
:mickey: Sci-Fi
:mickey: LeCeillier
:mickey: Chef Mickey’s
:mickey: Planet Hollywood
:mickey: Akerschus(sp?)
:mickey: Whispering Canyon
:mickey: Hoop dee doo
:mickey: Beaches and Cream
:mickey:Garden Grill

I think that is it with the exception of maybe a counter service at the resorts. Ok keep in mind I have 3 kids, one of which is VERY picky, we love character meals and because of the 3 kids we are not big on sit down meals that take a long time!!

What are some must tries???


Crystal Palace - usually a “must do” for kids. Beautiful place. So-so buffet
O’hana’s - lots of fun, activities for kids, food is usually pretty good
CRT - haven’t been in years. It’s cool eating in the Castle though
Pecos Bills - great for hot dogs. Very good fixin’s bar
Sci-Fi - overpriced and not very good
LeCellier - best restaurant in WDW (IMHO)
Chef Mickey’s - another “must do” for kids. Breakfast is better than dinner
Planet Hollywood - surprisingly good, and reasonably priced. Noisy, though
Akershus - if you have a picky eater, this isn’t the place, unless you like reindeer (and I’m not talking Blitzen)
Whispering Canyon - lots of people love it. My husband renamed it Cholesteral Canyon. We didn’t like it at all.
Hoop de Doo - lots of fun and lots of food - and it’s good, especially the strawberry shortcake
Beaches and Cream - the one I haven’t tried. It usually gets good reviews.

Of course, all things are personal preference. If you have a picky eater, buffets might be the best choice, because there’s lots to choose from.


Liberty tree tavern in Mk. We were there last 4th July, It was great family style food and great characters (minnie, chip n dale and ???) My kids loved it!


I have heard this is good! Thanks keep em coming!


The most glaring omission that I see is the 1900 Park Fair CB over at the Grand Floridian.

And you MUST do the Earl of Sandwich at DTD. Even a picky eater would love their grilled cheese sandwiches.


Ok been the following we have been to

Chef Mickey’s: DH and DS’ must do. We actually have 3 PS’ for
dinner this next trip.
Planet Hollywood: Is a traditional leaving WDW late lunch.
Readonably priced and pretty good food.
Beaches n Cream: We went there for ice cream on our last trip
after miniature golf. It was unbelievable.
The sundaes are huge enough for two to
split. A little on the pricey side but worth it!
Peco Bill’s: Good burgers and fixings bar.

We also have first time PS’ for Crystal Palace, O’Hana’s and Whispering Canyon for our upcoming trip. Can’t wait to try them.


They have a good grilled cheese huh?? :dry: My Picky DS LOVES grilled cheese! Thanks, I think that will be added to the list in Dec.

What is 1900 park fare again?? It is at the Floridian right?? Is it a character meal??


You haven’t done 50’s Prime Time yet ??!!
I’d have to recommend that one for ya!!
And Cape May if you are in the Beach Club area. Spoodles, ESPN…I could go on…but I better stop…getting HUNGRY!!!


My gosh - I completely mis-read this thread :wacko: I must have been out in the sun too long.

OK - restaurants you HAVEN’T tried but maybe should:

Restaurant Marrakesh in Moroccoo - this may sound odd for a picky eater, but the food is very good and not strange at all. And the bellydancer is lots of fun. The restaurant is gorgeous and exotic and the servers are so nice.

We also love the buffet at 1900 Park Fare Lane. It is definitely the best one at WDW.

PrimeTime Cafe has very simply, plain food. (mashed potatoes, meatloaf, fried chicken). It’s fun if you’re up for participation.

The Earl of Sandwich is so, so GOOD! It’s our new favourite at WDW.

Spoodles on the Boardwalk

Cape May Cafe - It’s a buffet and if you’re lucky they’ll have crab legs.


I am not sure DH would be crazy about it!!! :glare: I hear it is great!


When is the buffet at 1900 Park Fare Lane? Breakfast?Just wondering. We missed our ps there for breakfast on our last trip. I was bummed.


Ok feel better now, we have a PS at 1900 Park for breakfast and also one for Cape May Cafe Dinner Buffet.

ESPN was a lot of fun too. We can’t wait to do that one.

Another is House of Blues, DTD. Awesome food!!!


don’t forget…
ROSE AND CROWN…my personal favorite in Disney World…and anywhere else in the world…meaning the the whole big earth…It is on my must do list EVERY time and we never get sick of it! The potato soup in yum yum yummy
Also Donald’s Breakfastasarus is good…they can acompany big or small groups and it is a different change of pace from the normal character breakfast…it seems a little more laid back…i believe more single adult groups were there than kids!
And I am always a fan of everything pop food court! haha!


They have a character breakfast from 8 a.m. to 11:10 and a character dinner which begins at 4:30 p.m.

We’ve only done the breakfast - which was wonderful. The best we’ve had at WDW


I’m suggesting 50’s Prime Time as well. Good fun, if you don’t mind getting picked on a little. :slight_smile:


If you have kids, 50’s prime time is a must. Kids love to see the waitress, “Mom”, pick on their parents! We went their a few years ago, and the waitress made my dad take one more bite of his veggies before she would take his plate :laugh: !
Also, don’t miss Earl of Sandwich!!!


The Earl of Sandwich is my new fav on the property. It was recommended by a few on here and I used my dad power to go there instead of Mickey D’s and the kids LOVED it. I would also say the Hollywood & Vine for the buffet dinner before Fantasmic is great too as is the breakfast at Donald’s Breakfastasaurus at AK. Get a PS there as early as possible and then you are in prime location for riding many of the rides before hardly anyone is in the park.


My kids didn’t care for earl of sandwhich, the bread isn’t what they were used to and the grilled cheese was made with cheddar because they didn’t have american cheese(which I thought was odd). My DH and I liked it, but not my 3 DD. Liberty tree tavern for dinner in the MK is a great character meal, Garden grill in Epcot is fun and they also have an afternoon ice cream social at GG where you can get yummy sundaes and still interact with the characters.


I agree with almost all of the places that everyone has stated. How about Rain Forest Cafe…the kids would probably like the decor and the food is good. There is one in DTD and I believe AK.


1900 Park Fare is a great buffet. I just booked a PS for DD birthday in July for a character dinner with Cinderella and friends.
Another good restaurant is Trailside buffet in the campground. It is reasonably priced and has a great atmosphere. It’s usually not that busy either.