Restaurants you like but everyone hates and vise versa


I was reading a “which one should I choose Plaza or Tony’s” post and thought about all the times I read bad reviews and thought, “hey I really like that place” or a bunch of raving reviews and think “that placed sucked, how could they like that so much”

So, I want to know if there are restaurants that you have, that fall into those categories. Restaurants that you love that seem to be hated by most posters or restaurants that you went to because of raving reviews and thought “that was OK but I don’t get why everyone likes this place so much”

One of the ones that I love but seems to get mostly bad reviews is
Tony’s. I Have eaten there numerous times and have always had fresh “no chef boyardee” food and great servers. We passed on this restaurant for years based on bad reviews but wanted a sit-down after arriving from the airport and checking in. We were sorry we never tried it sooner

Hate put most people love
Plaza, worst hamburgers we ever had on property. Both were full of grisly fat or cartilage. The menu is also disappointing, basically a sandwich shop.

We used to eat here years ago but has went way down on our list. We ate there in September and found the meat dry from sitting around. The shrimp isn’t as good as it was back in the 90’s when they used the jumbo prawns. This was before they removed the shrimp and then put them back on the menu. Love the chicken wings but I can get those over at Kohna. Aside from the food the place is to loud.

What’s on your list?


The one I love but others seem to hate is Hollywood and Vine. Both times we went there we loved the food.

The only one I’ve hated is The Plaza. I was so disappointed when we ate there in 2007 because I had been very impressed with all our other choices and this one fell flat. I didn’t like the food, didn’t enjoy the service and felt there wasn’t anything really special about it.


I have two restaurants that most people like but we have not enjoyed:
1- Whispering canyon
2- Crystal Palace


Ones my wife and I hate and others like:

  1. Les Chefs de France- last time we went there it was HORRIBLE, frozen food just halfway warmed up.
  2. Yak and Yeti- no better than cheap NYC chinese takeout. I am willing to try it again though…
  3. Akershus- Hate the food, love the experience for our daughter. And I am a fish fan, but not so much this place.

What we like but everyone else hates:

  1. Tusker House- We actually really like it. Great buffet, but it gets horrible reviews. Never understood that one.
  2. 50’s Prime Time- we hear complaints all the time about the wait staff and the lame experience. We have always had a blast. Fun place, but you have to be into the game.


I don’t have a place that I like that gets a lot of bad reviews but I do have a couple of locations that others rave about that I absolutely will not do again.

(1- Big River Grill- the food wasn’t too bad but the service and atmosphere were horrible.
(2- Columbia Harbour House- that was the nastiest food. It reminded me of a cross between Long John Silver’s and Captain D’s. Definately not the type of fish we’re used to. I understand it’s fast food but :blow::eek:


Columbia Harbour House was the only place that came to mind. I’ve only eaten there once, and will probably not go there again. I’m not a pickey eater at all, but the fish was not good.

  1. We love Marrakesh, I don’t think people hate it, they’ve just never tried it.

  2. We also love Chef Mickeys and 1900 Park Fare and I’ve heard a lot of negative reviews about both of those!

  3. We did Liberty Tree once and have never wanted to go back. We thought the food was blah…tasted like warmed up hormel turkey…My BFF Loves it though!


First of all - kudos on such an interesting topic. I don’t think this question has ever been asked before…

I think my list of Restaurants I hate, but everyone likes is probably longer.

Ohana - I do not get it - it’s meat on a stick. Too MUCH meat on a stick - and it’s pretty dry too. The sides used to be pretty good, but even they have gone downhill. Although, the wait staff is usually very nice.

California Grill - ok - “Fusion” is over, it’s done, it’s passe. Why this restaurant thinks it has the right to be pretentious is beyond me. And some of the combinations are just plain dumb. And it’s noisy.

Whispering Canyon - again with the meat! And it’s not even good meat!!

Restaurants I love, but everyone hates.

Chefs de France - The portions are reasonable, the setting is lovely and the creme brulee is just about perfect. OK, I admit it helps if you speak French.

Flying Fish - Beautiful restaurant. Very nice staff. They know how to cook fish.

Columbia Harbour House - I’m surprised so many dislike it. We only go there for one thing - the tuna salad sandwich. It’s just plain yummy. And it’s always quiet upstairs.

Now, don’t start throwing Mickey Bars at me, but the truth is that ever since the DDP came into being, the quality of the food at Disney restaurants has gone downhill. Honestly, I’d rather pay out of pocket for one good meal, instead of eating three bad meals a day.


What an interesting topic! I hope I can think of all of them…

Ones I hate that everyone else seems to rave about:

  1. Whispering Canyon. I just don’t get it. It’s loud, annoying, and the food is not that good.
  2. Olivia’s. We’ve eaten there 3 times out of convenience because we were staying at OKW. Every time we’ve been there, the service is the worst I’ve ever had at Disney and the food is definitely nothing to write home about.

Ones I love that everyone seems to hate:

  1. Sci Fi. The atmosphere alone does it for me, but when you add in the delicious burger and shake, it’s one of my family’s favorites!
    2)Tony’s. We’ve eaten there a couple of times and really enjoyed it both times.
  2. Columbia Harbor House. Delicious tuna salad and clam chowder!
  3. Casey’s Corner. It’s not a necessity, but so many people bash it and we almost always stop and get something from there each trip.

One that I’ve eaten at once and had a great experience is Hollywood and Vine. I’d have to give it another shot to see what all the bad reviews are about, but as of now, it’s still on my good list.

Those are the ones I notice people talking about, but there may be more!


Ones we dislike that everyone else seems to love:
1: 50’s PRIME TIME! YUCK! The experience was fun but the food was not. We actually all had stomach problems after it and had to leave the park early.

The ones we like that get bad reviews are:
1: Sci Fi LOVE the atmosphere
2: Tony’s (well I like, DH doesn’t)
3: Tusker House
4: O’Hana


We use to love Tony’s for breakfast but since they stop serving it we have only eaten there once and wasn’t impressed at all so that one we kinda hate that alot of people like. The one we like but alot don’t is Germany. We ate there a long time ago before the buffet style but we eaten there the last two times and love it. Lot of people hate it because they are seated at tables with stangers. We ahve meet wonderful couples at these dinner and have meet then later in different parks and enjoy them there also.


Great question!!


Ones we dislike but others have raved about:

  1. Whispering Canyon - we just didn’t care for the food and the atmosphere just didn’t suit us. So disappointing because we’d heard how much fun it was. I think our server was just not feeling it that day because service was surly…not fun:(
  2. Yak and Yeti - blah:(

Ones we like and others don’t care for:

  1. California Grill - love their fillet there and have always enjoyed the appetizers and desserts. We like it so much we chose to have our wedding reception/dinner there;)
  2. Ohana - LOVE the atmosphere here. I’m sure that’s no surprise to most of you.:whistling:lilo:



Now, don’t start throwing Mickey Bars at me, but the truth is that ever since the DDP came into being, the quality of the food at Disney restaurants has gone downhill. Honestly, I’d rather pay out of pocket for one good meal, instead of eating three bad meals a day.[/QUOTE]

I won’t be throwing any Mickey Bars. I agree!!:closedeye


We love, but people tend to hate or run from:

1.) Tutto Italia-We have yet to get a bad meal here or bad service. The kids love it, we love it, it’s a must for any of our family when we do sit downs. We’re dying to try Via Napoli though.
2.) Sci Fi Dine In-Um hello cheesy old movies, burgers, shakes! We love it, the kids love it and honestly, the kids get to sit in a car AWAY from us. Can’t beat that. :laugh:

I don’t know why Tutto Italia gets so many yawns etc. I love the place. The atmosphere is great, the food is always good, service is always great. (At least for us it has been.) I was born to be Italian (am 1/2 actually) and born to marry into a huge Italian family. (Did that too btw.) It reminds me of dh’s g-ma’s when she was alive. :wub:


Must do locations:
Bistro de Paris
Grand Floridian Cafe
Artist Point
Columbia Harbor (lunch)
Big River Grill and Brewing Works(ya gotta love a place that brews BEER on site)
Yachtsman Steakhouse
50’s Prime Time (gotta love the atmosphere)

Will avoid:
Cali Grill (over rated)
Wave (bad meals twice and bad apps w/ drinks another time)
Olivia’s (used to be good)


I dislike Cinderella’s Royal Table, Rose & Crown Epcot, Cookes of Dublin fish and chip place.

I like, O’Hana, Boma, Le Cellier


I like The Garden Grill, but no one else seems to like that. I will admit, the food has decreased a little in quality and the price has gone up. But I still think it’s really good and fun.

Everyone seems to love the Brown Derby, but I’ve eaten there twice and wasn’t impressed either time.


For quick service, Columbia Harbor House and Pizzafari are the low-raters that I love. For full service, Baloo and I recently discovered the Plaza and we love it! The smaller setting really appeals to us and we thought their sandwiches were delicious.

Not crazy about Tangierine Cafe - I know this is a favorite for a lot of people. I would eat there again but I don’t ever have a craving for it.


Great topic!
Ones we love, other not so much…
-Harbor House, we always get our salads and go up stairs, it’s usually empty. Like Llama said:wink:
-Olivia’s, though I have to say we haven’t been there in awhile.
-Garden Grill, the Character’s are soooo interactive. I like the food, except the fried cat fish :blow:
Oh and my new favorite quick bite is Earl of Sandwich (DD), YUMMY caesar salad wraps.

One’s people rave about that we didn’t like…
Boma buffet DINNER (we love the breakfast buffet )
…can’t think of any others


We enjoy 'Ohana, Sci-Fi,Crystal Palace, and Colulmbia Harbour House.

Did not care for Chef Mickey’s, Peco’s Bills.