Restictions on where you can earn rewards?


is the 1% good on all purchases?? even from super walmart?

just curious…

i read the website, it does state all purchases, but there was a promotion a while back for 5X awards, and super stores were excluded…so i just need to clarify.

i earn 1% now on every purchase on my Gymboree Visa card (children’s clothing store) + 5% off everything in their store, sale items too!! i really love this card and have used it monthly for all our household purchases…never carrying a balance.

BUT dd is growing older and the styles of the clothing at Gymboree will not appeal to her in another year or 2. :crying:

so i am looking at moving over to the disney visa…but since i spend 90% of my monthly budget at walmart…it has to be earning the 1% there for me to change.

so tell me…

who uses their disney visa at super walmart??? does it pay the full 1% award when you shop there?

thanks! :C)


we shop there and always get our 1%.


We use it at gas stations, grocery stores, department stores (including SuperWalmart), to pay a few bills, restaurants . . . we received the reward dollars from all of the purchases! The key is to pay the bill off each month.


Yes, the everyday 1% (1 point for every 100 dollars) is on everywhere (except balance transfers & convenience checks—an oxymoron, but I digress:pinch:). Only when the do the “special” rewards rules, like 3X or 5X, do they start throwing on the extra rules, like stores must be coded gas, grocery, etc., and you must spend so much per month per type of store for the bonus rewards to “kick in”.

By the way, I note the difference between the true 1% and what Disney Visa does. If I spend $277 in one month, I get 2 points, same as if I spent $201. The other 0.77 points vanishes.

Prezcatz Paul


well that’s good to know! thanks for the info.


wow i didn’t know that either that for the info