Resurrect an attraction or ride at Walt Disney World


Resurrect a Walt Disney World attraction or ride

Hey all, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here! …and I decided to return! Anyone who may remember, I used to do lots of polls. Here’s one I’ve had brewin’ in the old noodle for a while. I want to see what WDW ride or attraction the majority would like to see “brought back to life.”

Here’s my one and only request… For those who remember, I did the Favorite/Ride and attraction shootouts, I felt they went over well. I’d ask the same with this poll, I know everyone has an opinion, but please keep everything friendly. What someone else may want should not stir controversy with what another WDW enthusiast may want! So, please keep it friendly and let’s have some fun!

The poll explains itself, what Walt Disney World attraction or ride (on this list) would you love to see resurrected or at the very least, love to experience again?

Oh, and for those that may want an explanation to the abbreviations:
AK - Animal Kingdom
EC - Epcot Center
HS - Hollywood Studios
MK - Magic Kingdom

I did not list water parks, River Country, and I know I skipped a few things here and there (including everything at the Wonders of Life pavilion). “According to, Body Wars and Cranium Command are not closed after Jan. 31, 2008. But, as of Feb. 1, 2008, no longer includes the Wonders of Life Pavilion in its registry.” I’ve heard rumors we may see them again, and I’ve also heard they’re gone forever. So, they didn’t make the list!

Anyways, please vote, discuss and enjoy the thread.


I want to see The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter again. That was one of my all-time favorite disney rides.

This was a hard choice for me. I also really loved Horizons, but I do love Mission Space, so I’m alright with the replacement. I also enjoyed Delta Dreamflight, but Buzz Lightyear is a much more enjoyable ride for me! Hence my choice going for Alien Encounter.

…Oh, and sorry for the two duplicate posts, prior to starting this thread!


If listed, Cranium Command may have been my pick. I di pick the Skyway, and I selected it because it was one of the classic attractions from DL, and it was removed without any comparable attraction replacing it. I have nothing against change,but I think when they remove an attraction it should be to put in something fresh and new. Also, and more importantly, the Skyway was a simple but wonderful attraction that gave guests a unique view of the park.


I love Skyways and never got to see the one in WDW.


I don’t know any of these personally and only heard of a few. I asked my Mom and she thought Lion King would be the best. She tells me something about a man getting out of Skyway to Fantasy when he shouldn’t and died. ??? Sounded cool to me though.


I miss 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It was a tough choice between this one and the Skyway. I didn’t realize how many rides had been removed.


i had to go w/ mr toad, but it took me a good minute of contemplation because of the hydrolators, lol :laugh:


I had to say Horizons but World of Motion was a close second.


I am with you wishy … I miss both of those … Horizons was my favorite ride …

another one that wasnt on the poll was the Original Journey to imagination … I miss the first version with Dream finder so much …


Tough decision. I really liked Delta Dreamflight, but, Mr. Toad won out.


I’m with Monique for 20,000 Leagues. It is one of my earliest WDW memories (I was 4!). I stood in line in the rain with my Dad and it is still so vivid in my mind!


Me too . . . I wish my DDs could have ridden it! :happy:

Well when we go to DL (I will get there one day you know! :laugh:) They can try out the Nemo version!


Alien Encounter…but I love Capt.EO,its not the same watching it online.


20,000 Leagues because I’ve never had the chance and always wanted to ride.
Also I’d like the Skyway, Delta Dreamflight, Mission to Mars, and World of Motion because I missed all of them.
I’d also like them to bring back the scary alien, as much as I like the Stitch animatronic.


I watched it on line, but Eo was just too gay (lame) for me.


I chose Tarzan Rocks, I think it is one of the best stage shows that Disney has ever done.

If Cranium Command or the original Food Rocks were listed, it would have been a harder decision.

Delta Dream Flight would be a sentimental favorite.


sigh…It was a little silly…but I do miss Mr. Toad…


Delta Dreamflight for me with Horizons a close second.


Ailen Encounter!!!

I LOVED this ride and would ride it over and over again.

I am sad its gone. :crying:



We voted for Horizons, but we would also like to see Captain Eo, 20,000 Leagues, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and the Skyway.