Retal Car Deals


Does anyone know of cheap prices on rental cars/minivans for the week of august 25th?


Try L&M car rentals I got a great deal on an economy car for 9 days 165.00


check mouse savers for some discount codes.


we just book a convertible for our december trip for 14 days, it was only $280 plus the fees, a total of about $325. This was through Alamo, with a discount code with I got off Mouse Saver. All the agencies were around 400.00-500.00
We have also used L&M which sometimes gets a bad review, but we loved them and got an incredible minivan deal.
This year the boys are a bit older, 2 1/2 and 6 so were sporting the convertible.
Happy motoring…


I checked out mousesavers rate for Dollar!!! They were great!! I got 10% off Dollars lowest rate which brought my rental for 11 days to $406 for a mini-van!!! About a month ago I started at a rate of $533!! I kept checking and as we get closer it keeps going down by $20 - $30 each time!! :biggrin: So My total is now a savings of over $100 from the time I first tried!!! And Dollar is on terminal!!!


One last vote to use Mousesavers! :mickey: I am looking for a 4 day rental in mid-Sept and it looks like I can get an economy car for less than $90 using the codes there. I consider this pretty cheap! :ninja:


As already noted, Mousesavers is a great spot to start looking. I have also found some very good rates with little effort here:

By the way, if you book now, you may want to keep checking the prices because they sometimes get even cheaper. I started out with a rate of $200+ for my vacation next week and I am down to $170+ now.


Here is what I used for ALAMo rental:
ID NUMBER: 802319
This code is for basically any user, no special ID’s or verification needed. This was made available in a Florida travel magazine. It’s worth a peek. It seemed liked a fantastic rate for us.
Den :pirate:


I always book the cheapest I can find (has always been L&M car rental) then check back periodically for a better rate. Good luck!


Another good place to check on various rates is: I got round trip airline tickets from Seattle to Orlando for $217 ea. Full size SUV for 15 days ran a little under $400 total (Thrifty).


We used Mousesavers codes and coupons to get a full size car for 8 days through Budget for $160.