Retiling my bathroom at home in May should I add a hidden Mickey?


Retiling my bathroom at home in May should I add a hidden Mickey?


Ooooo definatly! Thats such a fun idea!


i love it! DEFINATELY!


Well, I think the answer to that is always YES.


Um…hmm…let me think…nnn…YES!




Hellllloooooo, of course.


I love the idea. In fact we are thinking of doing some little river rock accents when we redo our bath and those would be great for a hidden mickey. If it is that kind of subtle hidden mickey I say yes for sure!


What a great idea! I think that would be cute. Would love to see a pic of it when you’re done.


It think it would be cute.


that would be soooo cool!!!


That is such a cool idea. Yes, make sure you post a picture!


You definatly should!!! Our downstairs bathroom is walpapered with the black mickey heads!! ( I found the paper in Home Depot in a book!)


Did you really think you would get a lot of “No’s”? :laugh:

DO IT!!! :mickey:


And don’t forget the tinkle dust along the ceiling!


I think that is a great idea! I would definitely do it.


I think that is an awesome idea. I may have to use this idea when I redecorate my bathroom.


21 yeses!! You are in trouble now!! :happy:


How cute would that be? If you go for it, I too would definately like to see a picture.


haha not a single vote for no hidden Mickey…think about who you’re asking though :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
I say go for it!