Retiring for now


Hey everyone…
Some of you may have noticed that I have not been on DC very much in the past few months–not because i don’t want to–i am just spread a little thin at the moment…
That being said…I need someone to take over the “Who’s Going to Disney Thread” until either Dznygrl (her thread originally)gets a computer again or after my wedding is over…I just think it’s unfair to have your trip announcements sitting there for weeks at a time…this will only be a temporary thing…I love taking care of this little thread, but i can’t right now…
anyways, I’ll do it on a first come first serve basis, the first person who PM’s me can have it…but to be fair, i’d like the person to be someone who post on DC everyday…
Thanks guys–and I promise–I’ll be back more soon, this place makes me very happy


Aw, the torch is being passed again! I would take it back…but, y’know. I’m a loser. I still use the library computer. :dry:

Soon though, soon!! We are probably moving back to OR until at least after the baby is born, so maybe I can take over the thread again in a few weeks.

For now, someone else please take it from Bella! :mickey: Bella, you make US very happy!!


:sad: We’ll miss you Bella. :sad:


Thanks Bella for working hard! We know your life is busy right now!


I’ll take it for you bella. Let me know when you are ready to take it back and I will gladly hand it over. Thanks for keeping it up and doing such a wonderful job with it.


Nice job Bella!!! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:


Three cheers for cinderbella! You’ve done an excellent job! :happy: :happy: :happy:


Thank you, Bella, for your hard work!!

You know we love you! Your life is SO busy right now, but it’s a GOOD busy, with lots of exciting plans!!!


Erin :heart:'s The Bella!!!



Best of luck to you!


It’s a fun thread! Thanks Bella! Come around more often as soon as you can!!!


Thanks Bella!


Awww…Bella, you will be missed! And you did an excellent job!


We’ll all be thinking about you Bella! You’re wedding absolutely has to come first!


well guys thanks for all the well wishes and the offers to take over the thread!


Thanks Bella for all your hard work. Have fun planning your wedding!!!


Um, Dana, I think she said she wanted a REGULAR poster. Do you feel qualified?

Personally, I think Bella’s “wedding” excuse is really her checking into rehab. 'bout time, too!


Thanks for all your hard work keeping up with it. I can totally understand being spread a little thin. Just don’t forget to check in with us and keep us posted on the wedding plans.


Hmmm I may be qualified. Should we take a vote? LOL I already took it…lol Was I suppose to wait for someone else to come forward? opps sorry all. I was just trying to help.

Caver -
I think she’s getting some help with the crack (trip reports), but let’s keep that between us…lol