Return of the 3D glasses thread, keep em or leave em?


A few months back, I started a thread that asked the question:
Have you ever kept a pair of 3D glasses after doing one of the 3D/4D attractions, or have you returned them every time.
I was very serious in my request to keep it civil and not rag on someone who has kept a pair of two over the years and no flaming.
I myself have never taken a pair from any Disney attraction, Universal attraction, Busch attraction, Six Flags attraction, or Cedar Fair attraction.
Why keep them? They’re not sunglasses and you can’t fold the stems.
I did have a friend who went to Epcot right after it opened and he did take his pair from, I guess it was Captain Eo, and would wear them from time to time, but I’d rather have a pair of sunglasses. Also, last year we went to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D and each patron got to keep his (folding!) pair of glasses.
So, the question is: have any of you kept a pair?


Not I. I don’t see the point.

(SEE the point - glasses - get it? hahahahaha I still got it.)


Nope, never kept a pair.


Another reason for me to not keep them: I wouldn’t have room for all the pairs from Philharmagic, Muppetvision, Terminator, and Spiderman!


Nah, I have enough crap in my house already.


Get rid of some of the “Carolina Panthers” junk the dave has laying around.


:laugh: I think I’d be dead if I did that.


Never mess with a fan’s team memorabilia!


They have those big cans at the exit designated as the place you return your glasses after the show, so obviously they want them back.

And even if it weren’t clear that they want them to be returned, who wants to schlep them around the parks all day anyway?


We use them there and return them we don’t even take them to another Disney 3D or 4D


I remember the first time we went to MGM - MissSMIG was three and she wanted to keep the glasses… I remember asking her to take all 4 sets of glasses and put them in the bucket and she did.


honestly never even considered it.


I have never thought about keeping them.

However when we took my father in law last time he put his under his hat and took them. I was mad, they may not cost that much to Disney but if everyone took them that would just be another item they have to replace and that gets costly. We made him give them back to a cm! The cm that he went to give them to, said keep them, once they leave the general area of the 3D show they just put them in the garbage. I am not sure how true that was, but I still made him hand them over.


I’m afraid I did. I had put them on top of my head to help a man who had dropped a bag full of treats at the Muppet 3D and completely forgot all about them until my dh started laughing at me. I truly intended to take them back, but never got back that way. I still have them somewhere. Now that I think of it. I could have left them in the resort room.:blush:


I could see that happen. When we went to toy story, there was a man who was wearing real glasses and put the 3D ones on his head. As the ride was about to start, the CM says “don’t forget your glasses”, he touched his face and then it took a second to understand what she meant.


I have never kept the glasses but back in 2007 I took my nephew who is autisitc and he wanted the glasses. I explained to him that they were not ours and we couldnt keep them but he made a big stink about it and the CM let him keep them. To this day he has them in his room on top of his dresser


We have never taken the 3D glasses. I don’t see a reason to take them either. Every time we have gone to the 3D shows it seems that most people return them to the buckets.


have never had a reasin to tak e them i take erverthing else taht i can but not those


We kept a pair once. Miss Caisley wouldn’t give them back. :sad:

She thought they were hers and the CM acted like it was ok.

She was pretty little. It was for Mickey’s Philharmagic, I think.

I still have them, but we don’t play with them or anything. They are with my Disney keepsakes.

I was really trying to save a 2 year old meltdown, but I must say - the wiser thing would of been to teach her that she can’t always keep what she wants! That’s been a hard lesson she’s had to learn as she’s gotten older.

ANyway, that’s our story.

We have one pair.


I’ve never thought about keeping them, but if it was keep them or have a child’s meltdown, I’d probably opt for keeping them. I know that’s not the best lesson, but sometimes lessons are sacrificed for peace. On our last trip, DS wouldn’t wear them at all, so it wasn’t an issue. This next trip, he’s old enough to know that they have to go back.