Return time required for Wizarding World of Harry Potter


We spent the day today at IoA with some family that was visiting. As we approached WWoHP (The only reason for our visit, lol) we were told that be had to get a return time ticket to even enter the area. We got to the park less than 15 mins from opening (9am) and our return time was 11:50 to 12:50.

We waited on line for our pass for about 15 mins. When our time came, we entered and then waited for usual 45 mins for Journey. The whole area was a crowded as it normally is, but the rest of the park was near empty.

I know today is a holiday, but this is the first time I’ve seen them use this process. My family (whose first time it was) was not happy. Also, once you leave, you can’t come back without a pass. By 2pm the return time was past 5pm.

We would have spent more time there today but we were starving. There is only one eatery in WWoHP and my kids weren’t up for ribs or shepherd’s pie (or the insane line)

Sorry if this has been discussed before. Its been about 4 months since we visited WWoHP so I don’t know if this is something they have been doing for awhile.

I do not like it. Not one little bit. I can understand return times for the rides, but we had planned to spend a lot more time exploring the area with our family today then we were able to.


Wow! I’ve never heard of that before. I wonder if there was a special reason - we were there in Sept. We got there about 15 minutes before opening and they actually just let us all go in. There was no waiting at all. I would have thought crowds would have lessened since it opened, but I guess it hasn’t. So, basically, this was sort of like a “fast-pass”? You were able to enter at a specific time and stay a specific time? I guess it’s fair if there are huge crowds, but if the park is half-empty? Weird.


I guess in theory, its a good process, but I think they should let people know about it BEFORE they enter IOA. We would have changed our plans a bit to enjoy the area more.

There was not limit how long you could stay in the area, but once you left, you needed another pass to return.


We where there during the week between Christmas and New Years and yes they where doing it than also. We had the similar time frame also as well really long lines for everything but the dualing dragons in that area. But the park was also at capacity that day also.


I was there New Year’s Day and it wasn’t like that. Got really crowded later in the day, though.


Wow, I’ve never heard of that before. We’re planning to be there in April, thanks for the info.


That sounds kind of a bad idea. Mickey Mom let me know cause we will be going in May.


We just visited (for the 1st time) this past week. We had to get a ticket to come back too. We got to the park around 9:30 and our return time was 11:10. When we went in it was busy but not too bad, but by the time we did the rides, ate lunch (which our family enjoyed) and went through the shops…the place was crazy. Journey was a 90 minute wait but if you have big kids…do the single rider line…we were to the front of the line in less than 10 minutes. My daughter and I actually got to sit together. The wait to get into the shops was at least 30 minutes, only one entrance. I didn’t go in…I was busy riding rollar coasters with the kids but when we were finished they snuck in an exit to be with their dad so they could see the shops too. Crowds bother me, so I didn’t even want to go in. I guess we left that area around 2 or 3pm…that was our main reason to visit Universal so we wanted to see everything we could in the area. But once you’re out…you’re out, unless you have another reentry ticket.


WOW, I can’t believe this. Thanks for the heads up for our trip in July. If that is what the crowd is like now I can not even imagine what it will be like in the summer. I am not looking forward to the crowds. The only reason we are doing Universal is because of WWOHP. My DH and DS love HP.


The rest of the park was pretty doable…the Universal Studios side was actually a bit empty the first day we visited (Sunday…may be a travel transition day). We revisited Universal on Wednesday morning and it was busier but it took us about 40 minutes to get on the Rip Rockin’ Roller Coaster. That was probably our longest wait the entire time we were at Universal/Islands over Spring Break.


Wow!! We didn’t have to do that back in Nov. We also got to the park at 7:45 am.


i went the weekend after the park grand opened and didn’t have that problem. we didn’t even get there until later because of the mad morning rush we expected and we were able to walk in, do everything and come back. this park is seriously an anomaly.


I vote we dot talk about the OTHER park near Disney,

Im sure it nice and all but we all know its no DISNEY,


I have been there twice recently, and they did not do this either time. I’m sure there was a reason for it whether it was because of crowds, a special event,or whatever. We are going back in May and I hope this is not the case because I must have my frozen butter beer.


Me too!! :smile: Plus a non frozen and pumpkin fizz.


Eek I’m so glad I’ll be visiting out of season, it sounds like it’s going to get crazy there during Summer!

We went last sept and had no problems getting in the shops and the longest wait for Journey was only 35 minutes.


[QUOTE=lmhaas;1070581]I vote we dot talk about the OTHER park near Disney,

Im sure it nice and all but we all know its no DISNEY,

FYI: this forum is for non Disney hotels and attractions, so everyone is free to discuss Universal to their heart’s content. :happy:

My DS was there during Feb vacation week. The park was at capacity and he and his friend also got return time passes. They had no problem with it other that what Jen said: they wish they had been told about it before they got there.

I think it’s an excellent idea for high volume times to limit the number of people in one area. It also doesn’t mean you will necessarily have to wait to get in to WWoHP if the attendance is not high. I presume the number of guests there on any given day will vary widely over the summer.