Return Visits


Which restaurants do you keep going back to?

We have returned to Boma and 'Ohana and after my first visits to California Grill and Coral Reef I will def. eat there again. So, what are your must do’s?


Crystal Palace for me. I don’t care how grown up my boys are, we WILL go there at least once.
After trying Boma in November, we know that we’ll go there again.
Nothing else really sticks out for me.


We always return to LeCellier and Spoodles. Those are our faves.


We always go back to…
Trails End
50’s PrimeTime
Sci Fi
Casey’s (best hot dogs!)
ahh… just too many to mention!


We always go back to Rose and Crown every trip without a doubt.

We LOVE going back to Ohana, Boma, and Beirgarten and we don’t go back to these every trip (or we’d never get to eat anywhere else!) but we try and go back to at least one per trip.


1900 Park Fare

Cape May Cafe

Wispering Canyon

le Cellier



we always go to Chef Mickeys, which is part of the reason why we chose Contemporary as our first on-site stay.

We also end up at Cape May for breakfast or dinner to take our friend there, who is a cast member. It’s his favorite place to eat in all of WDW.


Ohanas le Cellier Bomas and Kona cafe for breakfast


The ones we have visited more than once are:
Crystal Palace
Liberty Tree Tavern
1900 Park Fare
Le Cellier
Donald’s Breakfasoraus (yes before it moved and changed names)

We are actually only visiting one of these in November, Crystal Palace. My family wanted to try all new restaurants this go around and this is the only old favorite we all agreed to do again.


So far it has been Tony’s


O’Hana for breakfast and Le Cellier for steak.
Also, must always try a nice drink of Beverly at Club Cool:laugh:


We always do Chef Mickeys at least once and gotta have Casey’s Corner in MK, love the doggies and fries!!


Ours are Crystal Palace for breakfast,le Cellier for dinner, Earl of Sandwich for lunch, France for lunch


Chef Mickeys
Liberty Tree Tavern
Crystal Palace
Sc Fi diner


Our threee must-dos are:

Crystal palace for breakfast
O’hanna dinner our first night
Momma Melrose (for me…it’s my fav)
cosmic rays

We have gone back to more than once:
breakfastsaurus (new name now and we haven’t been since menu changed)
chef mickey’s :blow:
cinderella’s royal table for breakfast
1900 park fare
hollywood and vine - NEVER AGAIN THOUGH!!
rainforest cafe - we LOVE it there - AK one, not the DTD one
planet hollywood - another favorite of our’s.
ABC commissionary
whispering canyon

We have tried other places,but haven’t repeated them:
princess storybook breakfast - never, never again
biergarten - hate eating with people I don’t know
rose and crown - horrible service and food was just OK.
liberty tree tavern - no real reason why we haven’t gone back…just haven’t
backlot express:blow:
vomitt I mean electric umbrella:blow: :blow: :blow: :blow:
olivia’s - no reason other than we haven’t been back to OKW since 06
earl of sandwich - picky DD doesn’t like the menu…I loved my sandwich
pinnochio’s (sp?) no reason…just don’t go back there
good to go…only out of desperation…their food choices are SO limited

There are tons of places we have yet to try and really have no interest in trying. With my DD being SO picky and me being hit or miss with what makes me sick and not, we tend to stick to old favorites most of the time.



CRYSTAL PALACE!!! We actually do breakfast and dinner there every time!!
Hoop Dee Doo!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT:wub:
Pecos Bills ~~ Just a tradition!!

Others we have done more than once

Whispering Canyon ~ Good food and alot of FUN!!
Earl of Sandwich ~ Yummy!!
Le Cellier ~~ Would go everytime but hard to get into!!
Sci Fi ~~ REALLY bad service last time!!
Hollywood and Vine ~~ Our kids like it!
Chef Mickey’s ~~ LOTS of fun and a good breakfast!
O’hana’s ~~ Yummy and fun character interaction!!


Le Cellier (and time any way!) and Liberty Tree dinner. Technically Akershus for dinner, but I’m ready to give that one up. New must-do is Ohana breakfast!



Le Cellier, Marrakesh (plus Tangierine Cafe for CS), and Earl. I could do those over and over and never be dissatisfied with the food. :happy: If I can afford to splurge, Victoria and Albert’s is an absolute must-do for me. :wub:


Breakfast must dos every trip - Crystal Palace & Ohana

Lunch must dos every trip - Wolfgang Express & Tangerine Cafe

Dinner must dos - Le Cellier, WGP Cafe, Ohana & California Grill


We always return to:

Crystal Palace
Chef Mickeys
Garden Grill
Earl of Sandwich