Returning to hotel after MVMCP


Well as the title says my question is regarding how to get back to my hotel after MVMCP. I bought my tickets for MVMCP yesterday :mickey: and I can’t wait but my question is how do I get back to the Wilderness Lodge afterwards? Is the normal transportation running from the Magic Kingdom on the night of the Christmas parties? Normally when I leave MK we walk to the Contemporary then catch the resort launch back to the Lodge. I realize this method won’t be available as the resort launches stop running about 10pm. Will the big MK launch be running? Will there be a bus from MK to WL? Do I need to go to the TTC and catch a bus to the WL? Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is my first time going to MVMCP and being at WDW at Christmastime.


Hey Mystic,

If I’m not mistaken, I believe everything is running till after the party. I saw boat launches heading to all the resorts. So, I think you will be fine!

What day are you guys going? We are going on the 7th and 12th. We loved this party!


They always have the buses and all tranport running til about an hour or so after the extra parties close.


You can take the WL transport boat, thats my fave. When we went to MNSSHP last year they sent the HUGE transport boat (the one that goes from MK to TTC) to FW and WL, there was plenty of space :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Thanks for the info guys. I knew I could count on you for help. Wow they use the ferry??? I didn’t know the dock at WL was big enough for the ferry boat. At least I know some sort of launch will be heading back to WL after the party.

Quartz, We’ll be at the World November 29 - December 6. We’re hitting the party on November 30. That way if we get rained out or decide we want to hit the party again we have other dates to choose from.


I don’t think it was on of the ferries. You need the special slips. They had to send one of the large boats, which is what they use most often for the run from WL and FL to the MK. (I said most often, I know the little boats run too) Anyway, transport of one sort or another is available for an hour after the event ends.


Yes! it was one of the ferries! That was what was so cool about it. Our jaws just about hit the ground when we saw it coming, lol.


Cool!!! Hey Mystic, you signed up to DC a long time ago. You should hang out with us more. Llama’s the only one that bites, and we keep her under control most days.


Got a picture? How did they get everyone off? I’m really trying to picture this.


I know. I was on another board but they annoy me over there. They’re always fighting with each other and calling everyone names and then I remember all you wonderful people over here so I came back.

I’m so excited about my trip. This is the first time we’re heading down after Thanksgiving but before New Years. We’ve always gone early to mid November with one trip in February. Last trip in 04 had us flying home the day before Thanksgiving so we got to see the amazing decorations but not do any of the special events. I love Christmas and I love Disney so this is the trip of a lifetime for me and can’t wait for the Christmas Party. I’m picking up my Mickey Santa hat the day I arrive :mickey:


Sadly no pics :pinch: , but all they did was bring the ferry to the end of the dock, the dock is designed for it. They used the metal bridge (usually seen sitting folded up at the end of the WL dock) to bridge the gap. It was even more odd sailing over that road on the way.


What board? And why would you fight over WDW?

Around here people only fight over bread pudding at 'Ohanas.


It was the WDWMagic boards. You can get some good info from them if you’re willing to dig through a lot of garbage for it. If you offer info that’s slightly different than the ‘party’ line then you’re an idiot and don’t know what you’re talking about. At least here everyones nice and there is no name calling or anything like that.

How is the bread pudding? We’re heading to O’hana’s the first night we’re there. The last time we were there they still had the old menu with the pineapple.


I’m glad you came back! We have a great board here because we have wonderful members.


Its great!~~~~~*ducks and covers from the rocks some will be throwing


I am to and you definitely have a great board. It’s nice to be able to post a question and get civilized and very helpful answers. I had been so excited about getting my party tickets it didn’t even dawn on me to ask about how I get BACK to my hotel. I figured I’d post my question but didn’t want to really post it on the other boards and then remember you wonderful people here so opted to post here and I’m glad I did. Interesting about the ferry.


Good to hear. I can’t wait to try it. 210 days to go!


Hi, Mystic!!


Take a look at and look at aerial pics of WDW. When you look at the northern edge of Bay Lake you’ll see the WDW boat service areas, and I think you’ll even see one of the ferries there. During the day, if you’re out in a boat, you’ll be treated to the sight of the ferries going on fuel runs.
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That is cool! Thanks Soundgod :slight_smile: