Returning to WL after MVMCP


For those of you who have ever stayed at WL during the holiday season and attended MVMCP, how did you get back to the WL after the party? My mom and I are heading down to the World at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec and have tickets for hte Christmas party and we’re staying at the Lodge. I know the small resort launches from the CR won’t be running but will the big MK launches be running to get us back to the WL or will there be a bus? This is our first time down this late in the year and our first time attending the party.
:mickey: Any help is greatly appreciated!


In our experience whenever there is a ticketed event the transpotation ran until about 1 hour or so after closing. Disney is good about not leaving it’s guests with no way to get back to their resort.:happy:


As said above, you can take the boat launch. They will keep that running until the party is over and then some. It’s the main transporation to and from the MK from the WL. There is the bus option, but it takes FOREVER.


Thanks guys. That’s what I thought, about the launch, but just wanted to be sure. This will be our first time attending the party and I can’t wait. 60 Days to the WORLD!!!


Well, you got your answer. I just wanted to share in your excitement over 60 more days! Woohoo!!!:laugh: