Reusable bags for AK Picnics


If you are a member of Disney Movie Rewards you can redeem 400 pts (or maybe it’s 425) for 2 of the “green” bags! I’m pretty sure they’re the same bags that are used for the picnics if I remember what they looked like. I redeemed mine! Just go to Disney Movie Rewards and go to rewards.


Thank you SO MUCH, Tara! I have to admit, I NEVER put in my Movie Rewards codes. I just put in 6 titles to get 600 points. I am sure I have more around here, too. I just ordered one of these sets! Thanks!!! :happy:


Cool! Thanks for mentioning this. I have been saving up my points for something, I just didn’t know what. This may be just what I will use them for.


I was thinking the same thing. We have a ton of points and never find anything to use them on. I was thinking of ordering the AK Picnic just to get a bag, so finally something I can use my points for!!!


Me too! I had over 1400 pts and had NO idea what I could possibly use of the list. I ordered 2 sets of the bags and 1 of the Mickey head planter things. It should make for a nice assortment in the pots on my front porch and on the deck.


I bought one of them last year…it was only like $3. I use it all the time at the grocery store and always get lots of cute compliments!!