Reveiled :O


I forgot to tell everyone that I have a HUGE Mickey Mouse collection :eek:. I have Mickey wind ups and Mickey figurines and Mickey clapper pens and Mickey cars and Mickey cups and Mickey PEZ and so much Mickey you wouldn’t believe~ OK well just had to tell everyone now I’m logging on to ebay to find a display case for it :P.


You going to share some pictures with us.


Yes - Lets see some pictures! :mickey:


Well right now I’m in the car on my laptop so I can’t. I will though!


Are you driving? :tongue:


Ohhhh noooo! You CANNOT tell us information like that without having accompanying photos!!! :wink:


My mickey mouse pillow is the first part.


My little figurines and chests and everything. I have a lot :eek:


I’ve had this stuffed animal since I was 2. There’s much more but I’m too tired to take more photos. :tongue:


Your photos are great!! We want more!!!


He he he WE WANT MORE , WE WANT MORE , WE WANT MORE , WE WANT MORE , WE want … you get the picture !


SO… Who’s your favorite Disney character? :laugh:

Thanks for sharing your collection with us. Very cool…


Hehe I’ll put more pics up later. I’m looking for a display case for my collection if anyone has anything :angel:


Love the pictures! My collection just keeps growing too! Cant wait to see more of your pictures. :mickey: