Review of Tony's Town Square Restaurant


Full review of our lunch at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, I hope you find it helpful.

[B][COLOR=“DarkRed”][B]Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Review…”Bella Ristorante”[/B][/COLOR][/B]


Great review. It doesn’t surprise me though, the quality of WDW restaurants is far superior to your typical highway joint that is interested in getting you in and out by people who hate their job for the most part, and serve pre-prepared frozen whatever just like the joint next door. We love the quality, quanity, and extra service you get when you eat at Disney establishments. Thanks WDW!


I think you are right, you are more likely to run into people who love their job working at WDW.


We went there for lunch in January and were pleasantly suprised. We were worried because of the mixed reviews too. I am happy that we gave it a try :wink: