Review of TS Restaurants from Nov trip


I haven’t been on MB for some time, but I wanted to post my reviews of the table service restaurants we visited.

Coral Reef-
I was a bit worried since the reviews are sometimes not so good. Well, I loved it and will def. visit again. I had crab legs and they were very good. The appetizers were good and the deserts were awesome. I had the Chocolate Wave and it was soooo good. I had also arranged for a diver to have a happy birthday sign for my sister. He was right on time and everything was great. The atmosphere is amazing. My nephew loved watching the fish as he ate.

Whispering Canyon-
I love WC! This was my second visit and it is just so much fun. The food is great and the cheesecake is wonderful for desert. Our entire table got the skillet and it was very good and the food just kept coming. Our waitress was very good. I believe her name was Candy. We also drank my aunts coke very quickly and set the glass back in front of her so that the waitress would bring her a special drink. My aunt thought we had lost our minds drinking her coke instead of ours, but it was fun.

This was also my second visit to 'Ohana. Our waiter was better this time, but the food was better last time. The food wasn’t bad. It was just not as great as last time. The desert is still awesome!

San Angel Inn-
This was my disappointment in the trip. First the restuarant was so dark we couldn’t read the menus without using the light from cell phones. The food was nothing special either. It was really lower quality than the mexican restuarant here at home. I will not eat here again.

California Grill-
I scheduled dinner this night so that we could watch the fireworks. It was an awesome view, but better than the fireworks was the food. I had raviolli for an appetizer and it was so good. I then had the pork and it was amazing. I also tasted the flatbread and it was very very good also. The deserts (we all got different ones so we could try them all) were all great. This is now my favorite place at DW to eat. There was not one thing on our entire table for 9 people that was not awesome!

This was also my second trip to Boma. I really enjoy this restaurant. The carrot soup, potato salad, and pasta salad are my favorites. The meats were also very good and of course the zebra dooms are awesome.

For Breaksfast we ate at Chef Mickeys and Crystal Palace. CP was once again the better food.

I have some food pics I will share when I am at my other computer!


great reviews - thanks for all that info! mmmm…ohana sounds so good right now!


Great reviews. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Overall sounds like pretty good reviews. Too bad about San Angel… that was once one of my favorites.


I agree about San Angel… and I am so happy to read your thoughts on California Grill! Maybe a nice place to try, just DH and me, while the kids go to MK alone! Yay! Haivng teens is GREAT!


Great reviews, thanks for sharing them!


Thank you for posting your reviews! Can’t wait for the pictures:)


Thanks for your reviews. I think we might do Coral Reef now also.


That is really to bad about San Angel. We have been there several times and really enjoyed it also. We are leaving it out on this trip.