Reviews of Cirque De Soleil - La Nouba


Anyone who’s seen Cirque De Soleil La Nouba please give your feedback. Is it worth it the price of the ticket??


IT IS SOOOOO AWSOME!!! It is certainly worth the money!!!


Where were you’re seats? and do you think there are any bad seats?


We’re seeing Cirque Friday, I’ll let you know what we think when I get back. I think our seats are in the last row of the first section. I didn’t want to be too close but I didn’t want the very back either.


YES!!! So very worth it!!! We were seated in the second section middle…a few rows up from the walkway between the lower section and the 2nd section.


Well, I have a question before I answer… have you seen any other Cirque shows?

Either way YES, it is worth the ticket price… absolutely. But it wasn’t my favorite Cirque show.


It is absolutely worth the price. We had 4 front row tickets given to us by a waitress at Raglan Road. We would pay the going price for it anyday.


Saw it in 2006 and loved it! Definitely worth the price.


We had front row in catagory 1. We are going next year to take the ones in our family who have not seen it. I am trying to get front row center stage(if at all possible). I do not think there is any bad seat. The first time I had catagory 1 a few rows back and it was still as awsome. The 1 thing about being front row is the interaction you get. Even front row catagory two(up at the stage) the cyclists go right over you(well they did when we were there). They spun there tire right over the front row audience. It was so cool. There is never a moment in the whole show that something is not going on. Every moment is awsome. You will not be disappointed at all!!!


DT that is where our seats are for our November trip! You’ll have to tell me how they are! I like that we are in the last row so DD can kneel if she has to w/o blocking someone behind her.

We LOVED the show when we saw it about 9 years ago. This will be the 1st time bringing DD and I think she will be mesmorized.

In answer to the question: is it worth the $ - YES!!!


I used to work there and have seen it from every angle - and there is not a bad seat in the house! The show is worth every penny. I have seen it many times and can’t wait to go again because I always see something new! And the music is wonderful, the singers are incredible.

My personal opinion is that it’s possible to sit too close to the stage because so much of the show happens in the air.



No seat is a bad seat from what we could tell. We were center right about half way up and the view was outstanding.


My 4 year old that sits still for nothing was awe struck…it was truly a great show and I would do it again in a minute.


Was this a YoaMD prize?:blink:

We have seen it and will see it again!


No, someone had gone into the restaurant. They couldn’t use the tickets and told the bar staff to find someone to give them to. We had a great waitress who was flirting with my boys and so we got lucky :happy:
We made her happy too :wink:


No - never have seen any of the Cirque shows…this would be our first. Trying to fit it into our “NO KIDS” trip which is coming up in 47 days.


Thanks, can’t wait to read your review!


Thanks all, now I just need to try and fit it in our itinerary.


It is sooooo WORTH IT!!! We were second row center stage but i don’t think there is a bad seat in the house. It was soooooooo good! You really should spend the extra to go see it.


Definitely worth it!