Revised DVC Incentives


The incentives for new members to purchase and for existing members to add-on has changed.

The previous developer points incentives for BLT/AKV have been replaced with a free cruise on Disney Cruise Line:

[li]Add on 100 points: a 3 night cruise for 4 people (160 for new members)
[/li][li]Add on 125 points: a 4 night cruise for 4 people (200 for new members)
[/li][li]Add on 200 points: a 7 night cruise for 4 people (270 for new members) [/ul]
Details are available HERE.


Great incentives, too bad I’m not in the position to add more points.


hmmm, we are still within the ten day period. I looked at the link but does that mean they are replacing the developer points with the cruise and the cost per point is the same? We weren’t planning a trip between now and Oct 3 but thinking of renting out the points. However it seems a lot of people are doing the same thing. I wonder if we can get the cruise instead.


If they fancy creating an incentive where they pay for my points then Ill definatly be interested! Its still way waaaaay out of my league :frowning:


Wow. Wow. Dang it! I already used my developer points but the cruise would have been an AWESOME incentive. I think I would have actually preferred that, especially considering we cancelled a cruise for June cause it was too much cash & we decided to buy 100 BLT points. Argh, oh well.


dang! we would of liked the cruise A LOT better! they are pretty expensive but I don’t have 4 people. lol! so one way or another wouldn’t have worked out. lol!


I kinda think the 7 night cruise was a better value than the 320 Developer Points. BTW, are they still offering the $5 off incentive too?


What would a 7 night cruise for 4 cost–just a ballpark figure? Renting points at $10 a point would get you $3200, I would think a 7 night cruise for 4 would be a lot more than that.


After all my complaining about the new point structure for 2010, I ended up with 28 points I can’t even use this year. So I guess we have enough points after all and I don’t need to add on. BTW, I hate to burn unused points. What can I do with so few?


Can they be banked?


Yes. They are still offering the $5 off per point.


They are leftovers from the yar before. It’s use them or lose them time for me…


$5 off per point, plus a free cruise. Alright stop it, you’re killing me! :pinch::laugh:


I get it. You could offer them for transfer I guess. You and the other member work out a deal and you call DVC and have them moved to the other account.


Any idea when the cruise has to be taken by?


I just checked, and a 3 night cruise for 2 adults 2 kids in December would be at the cheapest $1700. So definitely a better deal than renting the points at 10 per point for 100 points.


I wonder if, since there would only be 3 of us going, they would make it a 7 day cruise for 3 if we bought 200 more points…not that we’re actually going to buy any more, but I was just wondering… :mickey: