Reward Card Question


I just got our reward card in the mail. Do you sign the back of the card? It doesn’t have a name on the front of it.


Can’t. Find. Reward Card.

:noo: :eek: :noo: :eek:

I was going to check mine real quick to see if I did. Gotta go. Gotta find it . . . :ninja:


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. BIG SIGH!!!

Yes, the card is signed. If I remember correctly, I asked at a Disney Store and was advised to do so.

:biggrin: :mickey:


Thanks! Glad you found yours. Probably ordered mine way too early so I am bound to lose ours also by the time we go.

Figured we would want to sign it in case it got lost or something. Didn’t know if they every checked the signature or anything like credit cards.


You’re welcome!

It wasn’t where I thought I put it. Instant panic.

runs off to put card WITH unused Disney Dollars a safe place for Christmas trip

(I should probably write down where I’m putting them so I don’t panic two days before the trip. Can I leave my secret with you folks? :biggrin:)


I have an old rewards card that I used the points from a long time ago. I have more points I am saving for a trip. Does anyone know…when the time comes to get the points again, do I get a new card or do they transfer them to the card I already have? Luckily, I saved the card, because it says Disney!!!


MagicalMoments, there should be an expiration date on the card you have. The first one I had expired end of 2005, and the two I have right now expire the end of 2006. Do not transfer over points to a card that is about to expire, order a new one. If you have points on a card that expires, you loose the points, and you can’t transfer points from one card to another (though you can try).


Some choose to write “PCID” - Please Check ID.
That way if its stolen, you have a chance to catch the thief or stop some transactions.


This is absolutely correct- they DO expire! I used this as an excuse for a trip to WDW…“But honey, I’ll lose $256 in reward dollars if we don’t go back soon…” He fell for it :wub: