Reward Dollars Question


After numerous trips and much too much money put on my Disney Visa Card I think I have a whopping 32 Disney Reward Dollars on my card and I wanted to trade them in before our June trip, however, I may buy our park tickets on the card as well to rack up some more points (yah, probably just one or two) but I want to make sure I have the $$ in the bank to pay it off as soon as I purchase them so it may be a month or two before that’s possible. So how long does it take to receive the Reward Dollars after putting in the request for them? It’s my luck they’d come to day we leave so I like to map these things out.



If you can access your Visa account online, go to the rewards page. You can request a rewards card and have the current amount of points you have today added to the card. They will mail it to you in a week or so. Then when you have more points available you can go to the online account, go to the rewards page, then electronically add the points to the rewards card you have in hand. The card is good for one year so make sure you can use all the points before the card expires.

Then when you get to Disney you can use the rewards card like a visa card. You will get a receipt showing you how many points you have left. You could even go to the Disney Store and buy your park passes using the rewards card.


This option is just fantastic, I did the same thing last year with cards we had for our kids from the previous year. The points are instantly put on the rewards card and you don’t have to wait for one to arrive in the mail.


But the rewards dollars won’t show up on your rewards statement until the next cycle. So, if your statement fall on, let’s say, the 10th of the month and you purchased something on the 8th, it won’t show up until the 10th in the next month. Does that make sense?

Once you roll your dollars over the card comes pretty quickly and if you’re just adding rewards dollars to an existing rewards card, that will happen instantly.


Good point Dopey.

I actually had my account cycle end while at WDW. I called Disney Visa and had them add my newly acquired points to my rewards card.


For us it just took to long for the rewards to amount to anything. We finally changed to a Master Card with frequent flyers. My dh now flies free when we go to wdw, saving us some serious money.


It only took about a week to get the reward card after I requested it.


What if I wanted to use my rewards points to pay part of my vacation balance? Would I request the rewards card then call to pay my balance and yse the rewards card as a visa?



hehe, that’s why I put every penny of household expenses per month on that card and pay it all off when the bill comes. Try it, it’s great!


Me too! I’m really racking up some points!:happy:


That’s what we do. I pay everything with our MC, then pay it off at the end of the month. Our card gives us one mile for every dollar we charge. Just bought our tickets for our December trip and still have enough miles to pay for our next one. Just works out better for us.


That is a great deal, but don’t you have to fight the airlines for black out dates and so many other restrictions? at least that’s how it was years ago and that’s why I changed to the Disney card.


pay most all household bills with the card - phone bills, cable, anything that takes a credit card.

All gas purchases, groceries, etc.

Keep track of what you put on the card -already deduct it from your checkbook, and pay the balance off when you get the bill. That way, you only pay one main bill a month and earn the points! It’s great!


No, not at all. We were told that on occasion we could be bumped, but that has never happened and we’ve flown 7 times now with our ff.


Remind me when i get my card in to shop like a maniac
(but pay it off like one too)
We are going on a Cruise in May of 2010 (carnival) and we will be leaving out of Miami. Which means a Flight. Which means my first one. Which means i better take a seditive!