Reward point max


Is this correct: The max reward points per year is 750? So…if I’m not going to WDW until April should I redeem my points in December (will be about 600) use those to pay towards by trip balance and then in Jan a new year will start and I can start racking up points for 2007 and then I could redeem those b/f my trip in April?


I had no idea there was a limit, but I’ve never been close to 750 points when I needed to redeem my points either. Sounds like you have the perfect plan though. Use them to pay down your trip and start building once again, that way you won’t have to worry about exceeding the limit and missing out on rewards!!
Gosh, I wish I had 750 reward points…just not the CC bill to go w/it!:eek:


I could be wrong but I thought that it meant you could not earn more than 750 reward dollars in a year (which would mean you would have to charge more than $75,000.00 in a year to go over that). I don’t think there is a limit on what you transfer over towards your reward card. Like I said I could be wrong but this has been my understanding all along.


Right, so is it a calendar year: Jan-Dec? Like I said, I’ll have about 600 points by Dec (I have a small business and pay ALL my invoices with it). So if I don’t redeem my rewards in Dec, by April I’ll be at the 750 limit. Does that mean for the rest of next year I won’t be able to earn points? Or can I use up my reward points b/f by Dec and then start from scratch in Jan since it’s a new calendar year?


I don’t know if it is a calendar year or what. I haven’t been on the reward site in a while to see if it says.


I currently have 890 points. The 750 is max accumulation in a year, so any points you have roll over and continue to accumulate the following year.


Great idea, putting all business payments on the card, way to add up the points!