RFID Testers


Somebody got to test the new FP system, and they reported to All Ears! No wonder I couldn’t get chosen, they were picking people at MCO! :laugh:

Here’s a link: New RFID FastPass Testing First Hand Report! (All Ears® Guest Blog)


Thanks. Interesting point about it conflicting with dinners, etc… But do I really want to plan my day? What about the anticipation of getting that first fp of the day? Where’s the fun?


And, if they are handing out all the fastpasses elsewhere (as of right now, MCO), how many Fastpasses going to be left for us who don’t want to plan our entire day in advance. Not one word has been mentioned about whether they are adding more Fastpasses to the system, or if they are keeping the same, so less will be available at the actual park.


I thought he brought up a good point about the hopping. If I can’t plan for more than one park per day, I will never be buying hoppers again. At the same time though, what’s to stop people from abusing the system and planning for every park each day and then not using them all (leaving less for everyone else?) So many unanswered questions!


If you think about it that actually happens now. People get FP’s and not use them or pass them along. I could see this happening even more now that the return time is being enforced.
Instead of scheduling FP’s I really wish instead they would set X amt of FP’s aside like they’re doing now with certain attractions listed and slide your card on a special machine when you arrived at the ride. It worked on the Give a Day Program really well. I believe there were 5-6 attractions on the cards that you got to choose from. It gave you an instant FP to use right then. Very convenient.


There goes the friendly magic of passing your unused FP to someone just coming into the park in the late afternoon, as you are heading back to your resort. We’ve received and given on nearly every trip.


…good point…we have been on the receiving and giving end of this several times…


Are they trying to control the magic?


They are going to stream line this until there is no more advantage to the guest. Meaning, the fastpass line will be looooong and treacherous and not worth thinking about.

It’d be like standing in the breadline somewhere in the old Soviet Union. Blah :angry:


The people who really suffer are the day guests, who can’t do any of this before their trip. (I’m assuming this will completely replace the current FP system.)


Always given but never received.
Not that that matters. Same as ornament exchange, it’s the giving, not the getting.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1110628]Always given but never received.
Not that that matters. Same as ornament exchange, it’s the giving, not the getting.[/QUOTE]

The trick is to walk up to nervous looking people and tell them to give you all their FP…and their wallets. :ph34r:


I couldn’t do that.
I am not a “Richard”*.

Label does not pertain to anyone here who posts as “Richard”, “Rick”, “Rich”, "R" (* here is the computer “wildcard”), “Dick”, or any other variation.:laugh:


This also something I enjoy doing.


Doesn’t it just give you a good feeling to hand a FP to someone and see their face light up? Just a little piece of paper but…


Especially when it’s an e-ticket attraction and the waits have just gone to 90 minutes.


Yes! Max and I gave away a few sets of FPs when we were in WDW. At Hollywood Studios, we walked up to a father with a daughter who was in tears and offered them our ToT FPs, and the little girl smiled just a little. Max said as we walked away, “I wish I could just spend a day getting FPs and giving them away.”