Richard Petty Driving Experience


Does anyone have any input/advice on this? I am considering sending my father and DH, but am unsure…


DH did the eight lap experience a couple of years ago. He loved it and said he’d do it again. It was fun for DS and I to watch, too! Earlier in the day is better, depending on what time of the year. It got warm out there by late morning.


I REALLY wanted to do this for DH on our last trip and we ultimately decided not to. The reason - weather. There are no refunds for weather and they do not run in the rain. They only offer you a rain-check, and I think it is only good for a certain amount of time. They also book fairly easily, so unless you live close or plan on going back soon (or live close to another RPDE) you’ll be out of luck.


I read the very same thread. It was actually posted on MB. I think they family close to $1300.00. Because of rain they had to cancel:mellow: …


I was ready to book until I realized about the weather. I was wondering how quickly they book or could you call a day or two in advance and still get in - we will be there Oct. 6-13. Anyone have any idea? Thanks!


My father did the rookie experience about 2 years ago in Orlando. I believe it was 8 laps. He said it was incredible…something he will never forget.

I bought my husband the rookie experience for father’s day/bday/anniversary gift. He has a reservation to do it in Homestead, FL on Nov 10th. He chose that track because the corners or something are different and the cars can go faster on that type of track (forgive me if I have the info on the track wrong…I am not into racing and may not remember exactly the reasoning…but I think that was it).

I went to watch my father do it in Orlando and it was fun.


My buddy’s dad took him to that a few years ago as a birthday present. He really didn’t want to go, but had a great time and overall enjoyed it.


i did the 8 lap package last year, and would do it again in a heartbeat. definitely something to do if someone is a race fan (or just likes to drive fast)


Nicole, I have done this each of the past four years that we’ve been to WDW. We were there in early November each year and weather was not an issue. My first year, I did the Rookie experience and had it booked about 2-3 months in advance. When we got to the track, my DD decided she wanted to do it as well. She was able to get in because they were not booked up on that particular day. You can call the Petty Experience at 1-800-BEPETTY and ask them how many openings are left for the day you want to go. They can also tell you what the deadline for booking would be. BTW, this is a BLAST!!! As you can see from my avatar, I’m hooked (I’m going to Phoenix International Raceway at the end of September to do the 30 lap experience and to California Speedway in early December to do it again!):laugh: :laugh: .


Thanks so much, I am going to call and probally book for both of them tomorrow. I am sure they would love it!