Ride Height Restrictions


I know of a website that you can enter your childs height and it will tell you waht rides that they can NOT ride. Where can I go to find out what they can ride??

Would it be to aweful of us to put thinck soled sandals on the girls so they can be bumped up a little in height???


A complete list of height restrictions can be found on the official disney.com and allears,net. I never heard of the one where you enter your child’s height, but maybe someone else here has. You can add to your child’s height if you see fit, but ask yourself if it’s really worth it? The height resrictions are in place for safety. Think of the 4 year old boy who died on mission space and ask youself it your child can just wait until they are tall enough. This never occured to me when my DD was small, but after that child died, my thoughts on the safety warnings are completely different. They are there for a reason.


You can check this out.


The whole shoe thing is your call. The restrictions are there for safety, as a parent I wouldn’t push it too far. I am over protective so take it for what it’s worth.


One is 37 ‘’ now and the other is 38’’. We are 80 days out. maybe they will hit a growth spurt… There are alot of rides that require you to be 40’’ tall to ride that i know they would love but we will wait until we get there before we make any definate calls.


They would have to be wearing pretty tall sandals to make 40 inches.

I’m not sure if the CMs look at shoes when measuring kids but I have seen them check pretty carefully. I’ve seen kids measured when they got in line and measured again before getting on the ride by another CM.


That is very possbile with the way kids grow…lol Honestly, if they both aren’t tall enough, just skip over the ones they both can’t go on. you can always go back another year…matter-of-fact that’s a perfect excuse to plan another trip right away. :angel:


LOL I like that idea!!!


OK - call me a horrible mother - I did that the first time we went to DL :laugh: My younger DD was 5, but just about half an inch short of 40 inches. I bought her the thickest soled runners I could find, because even though she was short, she was fearless and I knew she’d desperately want to try Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, etc. And she did. :wink: But two inches? I’m not sure you could get away with that.


I have to agree that the height restrictions are there for safety reasons and yes, this brings to mind the Mission: Space issue. Same kind of difference. I feel your pain, my kids are the exact same heights as yours and although there are rides taht I am sure tehy would love to try, I am going to make them wait for next time. Better safe than sorry!!! I just keep saying to myself "Grow! Grow! Grow!!! But just a few inches and then you can stop for a while!!! Lol!


I worry about the safety issue too. We are taking our DD her DH and our DGD in October and we are not planning on riding many rides ourselves. That way the kids can ride what they want and we will take the baby and play on all the “Safe” rides and see characters. Those safety mesures are there for a reason and we will be following them. I will take no chances with the safety of my grandchild! Just gives us a reason to take her back again!


Me too Llama, I did that. But like Dana said, since the other accidents I really do believe in the safety warnings. I’m so glad my kids didn’t get hurt!


Of course you are right, safety should come first - I only did it because she was just half an inch off. And, of course, this was before all these accidents occurred, so that didn’t even occur to me.


No one thinks you guys were “bad” parents, I am sure that we have all let things slide from time to time with our kids in different areas, but now we are all more aware of the dangers that can occur and like they say “hindsight is 20/20”!


No one thinks that. It is just after that terrible accident on the Mission Space ride it makes you think twice. I did hear a grandmother on a bus one day talking to a young mother and giving her tips on what to do to make her children taller so they could ride, so i’m sure it happens all the time.


That is too funny! Grandma’s always know the tricks! We all just try to live in the moment and not miss out on anything, that’s all!


OK, I guess I’m on the bad side, as well. I would say go for it with the thick soled shoes!!! My DS is at 38", just turned 3 this past Friday, & keeps talking about going on Splash Mountain. We are 3 months out, but my DW has already started looking for thicker soled sandals & shoes.
I understand the whole safety thing, but how much difference is 1 inch gonna make on a ride like splash mountain, where you don’t even wear a lap belt!!!??? Or Soarin’, for that matter!! Go for it!!


That is so true, at the time I guess I didn’t realize what the restriction was for, but I do now. Of course my kids are all big enough to ride on everything, and I would never tell anyone else what to do with their own kids.


:laugh: :laugh: Yes we will! :laugh: :laugh:

I agree, I have thought about Soarin myself. With the seatbelt on and the added strap between their legs I would feel safe. I think that it depends on the ride and how intense it is. At the same time - FOR ME - I keep thinking that Disney put those restrictions there for a reason. Everyone has to make their own decisions for their own children.


We did DL in September last year and DD was 37" and 3 1/2 yrs old. It didn’t make a difference with most things. I wouldn’t have put her on some rides even if she did make the height requirements…I think she’s just too young. But the thing I really regret her not being able to go on was Soarin’. She would have loved that so much. Her cousin who was the same age and just made the height requirements absolutely loved it.
Now we are going to WDW in October next year and she really hasn’t grown much at all since DL. My youngest will also be 3 when we go and really tiny. I will be looking for the thickest soled shoes I can find just so they can go on Soarin’. The other rides they can wait a bit longer for.


I would be very careful. With all of the deaths in Disney, even if they are at height requirement, I would still look at the age and the child. If you look at the deaths, everyone was at requirement, but no one could no that they all had health issues that were not detected. My child has been big enough to ride the Tower of Terror since he was 3, but I am not sure my son is ready, and we are not ready for the risk. Just because they are allowed by height, doesn’t mean they are ready with maturity. Everyone has to make up there own mind, however, once something terrible happens, is it worth the chance?