Ride Height


We are going to Disney next week and my daughter is exactly 44". The ride height for Everest and Space Mountian is 44" and she really looking forward to these rides. When we went to Kings Island in Ohio last month, they had a place we could get her measured and they gave her a wrist band relating to her height. That way we did not have to worry about different people measuring different ways. Does Disney do this?


I don’t think so . . . they have wooden cut out of different characters at the entrance to each ride, holding their hands at the correct height for the ride . . . so you can check her . . . and then a CM will double check. The wristband is a good idea though!


I know when our DS was just big enough to ride Splash Mountain, the CM at the entrance to the line had an upside down “L” shaped stick that he held next to our son. He made sure his head did indeed hit the top bar of the stick before he would let him in the line.


the wristband is an excellent idea! DD3 is close to 40" and really wants to do splash & soarin. We are thinking she may not get to, even if she grows a bit more & she wears tall shoes. that way if she does get to, she’ll be surprised! if we act like its gonna happen, she’ll be so disappointed!

if your DD is 44" now, measure her with the shoes she’ll be wearing, and then you’ll feel even better about it!


2 things…

It has been our experience, that 44 inches at Kings Island is not the same as 44 inches at Disney. We go to Kings Island about once a week. DD was dying to get on the Avatar ride here. She was just under the 44 inch mark 2 days before we left for Disney. While at Disney, she was able to ride the 44" rides with no problem. She cleared the mark by a 1/2 inch or so. When we came back to Ohio and tried Avatar again, she just did make it. She was wearing the same shoes all three times so I know it was not the shoes. I think Disney’s stick was about a 1/2 inch shorter than the one at Kings Island.

Also, DD did receive a wrist band at Everest saying she was 44inches. This way she would not have to be measured again when we rode it later. Our youngest DS received a wristband at Kali River saying he was tall enough. Hope this helps.


Although this is an issue I no longer have to deal with, I like the idea of the wristband. Maybe the reason Disney doesn’t use it, however, it because so many of the rides have different height restrictions.


DD#1 (Southern Belle) WISHES she was too short for ToT!:ohmy: :laugh:


Make sure she wears TALL shoes. You can carry some along if they’re uncomfortable. Check out Unofficial Guide for tips on this.


My 3yo DD is dying to ride ToT, but is just barely 38 inches!:frown: She’ll have to wait a longer!


My son got his hand stamped on both these rides - at EE the stamp said “YETI” and on KRR it said “KALI”. This way the CMs at the front of the line knew he’d been checked and we could go again w/o having to be measured.


You also might want to keep in mind that if she is just at the mark a CM might not let her on. If this happens come back later when there is another cast member there and they might let her ride. Some CM’s (while super nice) are super sticklers for the rules.


I was at PKI last June and saw a kid who really was just tall enough not be allowed on Avatar. They didn’t have wristbands then. Every ride had it’s own measure sticks.
At WDW most CMs try to give some wiggle room if the child is close. Sometimes, if the child is wearing slightly thicker soled footwear, they can get away with it that way. Tell her to stand as straight as possible when she’s measured, maybe you’ll even have gained a half inch by next week. That’s about allI can offer.


Actually, Disney does use wristbands… or has in the past. A few years ago, when we were at Disney with another family, their 3-year-old boy was barely 38" (height for Kali River Rapids). Actually… I’m not so sure he was. But, the ride attendant measured him and gave him a yellow wristband so that he wouldn’t have to get measured for that ride anymore that day. The next day, when we took him on the Barnstormer at MK, they said that he was just 36" and gave him a red wristband. So… I think it depends on who your ride attendant is.

A couple of years ago, when we went to Universal, my younger sister barely missed the cut-off for The Incredible Hulk and Dueling Dragons. So, we had her wear her rollerskate shoes, which made her two inches taller. She passed inspection (barely… the ride attendants knew what we were up to, but couldn’t do anything about it). Also, way back when, my aunt put a big bow on top of my cousin’s head so that she could get on a rollercoaster, and it worked.

So… get some Wheelies (rollerskate shoes are out of style, now, but Wheelies have thick soles to accomodate the wheel).


DD always wore her “tall shoes” when height was an issue for a ride. This way she was sure to make it.


that is so true!:crying:


When we visited in March, we found the measuring to be quite inconsistent. My 5-year-old DD was right at 44". She was able to ride Space Mountain 2 times on one day in MK and EE on another day. She enjoyed them both. She received a YETI stamp on her hand at EE, and we hopped parks to MK that afternoon. Wouldn’t you know that she was then denied entry to Space Mountain? She passed measurement at the entrance, but she was refused admission in the inner turnstiles! The stamp on her hand did nothing to sway the ruler of the L-shaped iron, and we trudged out. She was again denied entry on the last day of our visit. I even used the taller shoes and put her hair in a top-knot! We were thinking that maybe they recalibrated the measurement tools or something, as I don’t think she shrunk. On second thought, maybe all of that walking compacted her a little! :laugh: Just prepare for the possiblilty if you’re that close.


oh my tnmom - i hope she wasn’t super disappointed! maybe the wristband is a good idea - that way only 1 CM has to worry about measurements (well, a couple at a designated spots, you know) - to keep it consistent!


She was definately disappointed, but it was nothing a ride on the TTA or Astro Orbiter didn’t quickly take care of. At least she got a sneak preview for the next trip! Wristbands would be an excellent idea. :excl: