Ride Placment Tips!

  • as to not threadjack the Everest thread where Wish posted her seat prefrences for the rides I thought I’d start a thread for it!

Put where you would NEVER sit (too scary etc.)
and where you ALWAYS sit (best ride etc.)

I’m NEVER on the right side of Indiana Jones in DLR because of that snake! also I’m never in the front in on the Disneyland Railroad when we go through the grand canyon part. Like Wish I hate the right side of Haunted Mansion because I hate the knocking door that are SO close!

I’m ALWAYS in the back for BTMRR and back for Star Tours, always the front for California Screamin, front and top for Soarin’ and front for Splash Mountain!


Wherever the shortest line is…

Either the very front or the very back is usually the best on a coaster. Other than that, I have no preference…


Any spot will do!

I even try to kiss the gi-normous cobra on Indiana Jones! :wub:

I tend to like to try as many seat combinations as I can, because some seats provide better angles on the Disney eye candy.

But in general, I like the front of rides so that I get more cool visuals. I will often nicely request the front row, even if I have to wait a couple minutes longer. :biggrin:


Generally I like the middle on any ride but for coasters the front is where its at.


If you are talking coasters, either the front or clear toward the back is what I like the best! Any other ride, I try to get in the middle or toward the front, but that’s just me! :smile:


goof - me too, I always wait for the front. Me and my friends always joke when we’re home anytime we’re in a line for something and say “can we wait for the front?” we get some pretty strange looks at sit down restraunts when we’re told our table is ready :laugh:


I love the front car in RnR, the first row in ToT, the back seat in the Kilamanjaro safari.
If it’s a fast ride, the front.
If it’s a slow, scenic ride, the back.


The front the front the front!!!


i like the seat on the Tower of Terror that has the seat belt instead of the regular lap bars. i was hesitant the first time i sat there, then realized it was the best seat on the ride.


I used to LOVE the lap bars because my husband is a little … round in the middle and I’d get GREAT air time. Unfortunately the lap bars have ALL been replaced with seat belts :nonono2:


I’m with the Hogmiester, what ever seat gets me on the ride is a good seat.


“Unfortunately the lap bars have ALL been replaced with seat belts.”

well if changes like that have happened, its been too long since i’ve been to WDW and apparently it really is time for me to get going.


Wherever I can keep my two kids from fighting :dry: Started that when they were little and it’s become a habit. I don’t really have any preference - I’m just always glad to get on the ride. I always wanted to do the seat-belt seat in TOT, but never got it - guess it’s too late now.

Oh! Oh! I just remembered - I definitely like to sit in the front row of Soarin!

(BTW MaineMouse - I LOVE that name)


It has to be the FRONT for Space Mountain!!! No other seat will do!!! :biggrin: The back is grand as well, but honestly, there’s nothing like having a dry mouth from wind blowing in your face while you’re screaming! It feels soooo much faster up there!

There’s really nowhere that I “never” sit…except maybe the front in BTMRR…it feels painfully slow and well, it’s a little scary after…stuff…that happened in the past. :sad: Y’know?


Good point! :pinch:

The back is better anyways! :wink:


For rollercoasters, especially Splash Mountain, front row is a must!

But for Jaws in -gasp- Universal, I can’t sit on the far left side of the boat, because of the fire and it’s just too hot.


I only have two preferences: (and these are absolute MUSTS for me!)

1.) I have to sit right in the front on Space Mountain!

2.) I have to get the Pilot seat on Mission Space!

Every other ride and attraction, my wife and sons pick the seating and I just go with the flow! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: