Ride Sharing?


We have a 6 year old who doesn’t want to ride EE. We have been to other parks that do something called “ride sharing” where you wait in line and then one parent will ride (while the other stays with the child) and then the other parent will ride. Does Disney do this? Thanks!



Disney has “child-swap” available for parents in that same situation. You can go to allears.net to get more info, or can search though the boards here if you have the patience. I know “how it works and how to use it” has been a topic here on more than one occasion.

Hope that helps a little.


some rides do it better than others - i remember seeing parents so confused on big thunder mountain railroad (i think it was that one), they thought they could all go to the same spot, and parent 1 goes on, while parent 2 waits there. well…they get off in a different place, so it didn’t work out for them to swap there. the CM whisked them away and worked it out, but the parent who was waiting was really frustrated. moral of that story - ASK A CM how to do it! it’s different for different rides.

space mountain just gave us a fastpass for the waiting parent. i think a couple of other rides do it that way too. kinda nice, in that it doesnt matter that you are already holding a fastpass for another ride when you get that one.

have fun!!


so far we have never had to use this facility as our MIL usually stays with us and we all take turns in having a ride and looking after my DD (if she is too small t ride with us…) but they are on most rides in WDW and there is lots of info on previous threads on this site and on Allears also. I have heard the same said though that in some areas/rides how you ‘did it’ was not necessarily easy! Just always ask a CM. They will all help you .


Try combining the Baby Swap with a Fast Pass. You can ride forever…

The best thing is to ask the CM at the entrance to the ride. On most rides they will give the part of the group who is going on first a slip of paper and after you ride, whoever did not get to ride with up to 3 or 4 (I can not remember the exact amount) additional people. This allows our older kids to ride with Mom and then again with Dad. The Baby Swap pass is then treated as a Fast Pass and that group gets to move on in the Fast Pass line.

For parents with small kids, this is an awesome thing that Disney does for their guests.


We used child swap at Disney November 2006 there was 4 adults and one child they let two adults ride collect the child swap and then the other two adults could ride. I guess it depends how busier they are to let you do this.

But no problems doing this Disney are usually more accommodating than other parks in Florida i have found.


Definitely ask a CM about child swap when you first enter the attraction…if there is a greeter or a CM out front, ask this person because they can help you avoid a lot of confusion.

I know when I worked at DL a lot of people would wait in the entire line before asking about child swap, often to be told they needed to go to a different area to perform the swap. Ask first and the CM should be able to help you out! :happy: