Ride swap? how does it work?



Just watched Disney on a Dime, on the Travel Channel and they talk about “ride swap.” They kinda explained it, but I really don’t understand the specifics. Can someone take me though how this works?? If you can pick a ride and run through it, such as Spaceship Earth or Test Track, etc.




I just watched it last night as well. I believe you can go to the front of the line with whoever is planning to ride. The younger child waits with one parent as the other rides. When that parent is finished they then watch the child while the other parent rides. I didn’t think that the child could ride two times in a row with each parent. I just thought it was one ride per person in the family…I could be wrong.


I think this is how it works too, but again, I am not sure if the child can ride twice-someone on here will know I’m sure.


Here’s what happens…

You all wait in line together and when it it your turn to board the ride, only one parent boards the ride and the other parent stays behind with the kid. Then when the ride is over, the parent who just rode stays behind with the kid and the other parent gets to go on the ride.

I am sure that if an older kid rides with the first parent, they technically don’t get to go again with the other parent… but I bet some CMs allow it under some circumstances.

It’s a great system for parents who are ready for more thrills than the kids are ready for, and also for parents with infants!.


I think on the TV show, the child (10 old son) was able to ride it twice.
If you all go to the “check in” place of the ride, how does the “other” rider get back to the front of the line. In ToT, you end up in the basement and would have to walk around through the line. This is a bit confusing to me.


We have done the swap many times. Here is how it has worked for us on all the big rides.
-walk up to the fast pass line with the young child

  • tell them you want to baby swap
    -they give you a fast pass return ticket for you and up to 3 other riders ( so you do not have to ride alone)
    -The first parent goes on the ride, the other sits outside the ride and waits with the child
  • When they come out you take your fast pass and other riders and go through the fast pass line.
    We have an 8 y/o and 3 y/o and have used the baby swap many times. This is how it has worked for us.
    The young child must be present when you ask for a baby swap. We have never waited in line together. One person goes on- the other parent with the baby waits outside of the ride.

Hope this helps


KarenT is exactly right. We just did it and it is great. The first set of people who ride have to wait in the regular line (unless you already have fast passes) then the second set of (up to 3) people get to use the fast pass line to go through…so it’s better if you take the first ride! That way the other person has to do the long wait! I hated having to sit outside Kali River Rapids for over an hour! While everyone sat in line, well maybe I had the better option! I got to stand or sit in the shaddy areas, they had to stand where ever the line took them. So you make your choice!


Lil’ and I just leash our small children to a nearby tree and enjoy the rides.


That’s exactly how it works. One thing to note is, there is no time schedule to use the swap (you do need to use it the same day) so if you have a show, parade, or a fast pass to use, it gives you flexibility.


You don’t really have to remember anything. Just tell the CM at the front of the line (or at the actual ride vehicle entrance, they’ll let you know) you want to do “baby-swap” or “kid-swap” and CM’s will take care of you. You’ve heard the basics, one of you rides while the other watches the child. Bonus: Sometimes a parent gets offered a second ride in a row!


Wait, are you talking about a small child who is unable to ride or getting a small child on twice?

The “chuck bubba relay” as it was known in the Unofficial Guide is really for small children (not ten-year olds) which is mainly used for those slow loading/long line midway-type kid rides like Dumbo.

Using this, the first parent gets in line with the tot, say at Dumbo, and the other parent gets in line maybe 30-40 people behind (depending on how busy). The first parent gets on the ride with the child and rides. By the time the first parent and child finish and get off, the first parent hands the child to the second parent in line (who should be right up at the vehicle entrance) and the child gets to ride again immediately! WDW has no problem with this. If the second parent gets there too quickly, he/she just lets others in the queue go by until it’s time.


We use the baby swap/rider switch passes all the time. KarenT has listed the way it works (most of the time). Sometimes they won’t give you the pass at the beginning of the line. Sometimes (Mission Space), they tell you to get the pass after the first adult has been on the ride. But a few times (even on Mission Space) they gave it to us before the first adult got on the ride. I think it’s pretty much up to the CM’s discretion -


Can’t go wrong owning a copy of the Guide!


Hey! Why should you suffer just because your kids are short? :wink:


Shame on me for not thinking of this! DD who was 19 months when we went & will be almost 3 next trip…she still remembers Dumbo and people actually told us its impossible. I have to disagree! She asked me for Papa to put up her “green swing” which she hasn’t even seen or heard anyone talk about sense a month or so before our trip to Disney. I had forgotten about it and asked my Mom what she was talking about!
She remembers parts of Disney and Dumbo is her favorite ride!


Ride swaping or kid swaping is much easier than Husband Swaping… no one wants mine (he has stinky feet)


Thanks for all the info we will sure be using that when we go, gotta have me some Rockin Roller coaster


You can use fastpass the same way, especially if the wait is going to be really long. We get our fastpasses, then when it is time, one of us goes and rides first and the other sits with our DD. Then, whoever got to ride first sits with DD and the other goes. A trick we do at HS is to go get fastpasses for Rockin’ Roller Coaster and then go do the baby swap at TOT. This way you can get 2 of the bigger attractions out of the way quickly. Hope this helps!


What’s the problem with that?? :blink: