Does anyone know if the store is still there (DTD)?


Yes, we did a week ago. My three year old loved it.


I’m glad to hear it is still around. We had a great time there too!


Great! Thank you. DS will LOVE it!!


So, last night I came home from teaching a class and DS(13 years and 361 days) has several of his model cars on the kitchen table along with several little jars of paint and model car pieces. I asked what he was up to now and he says, “I’m in the mood to redesign all of my plastic cars. Can I use some of my allowance to get some more to design?” He knows absolutely NOTHING about Ridemakerz as I wanted it to be a surprise when we go. He doesn’t even know exactly when we’re going (he’ll find out Tuesday on his birthday). He is going to LOVE Ridemakerz! I hope it’s everything it appears to be on their website!


Boy Sally, between that and his Nascar ride, Yuri is going to be one happy camper. He’s never going to forget this birthday, for sure. And, you have less than a month to go. :goofybounce: I couldn’t be more excited for all of you.


Thanks, Loretta! I can’t begin to express how much I’m looking forward to this trip. For some reason, even more than the last ones. I think I just need a break from reality and there’s no better place to enjoy magic than WDW! I’ll let you know how that birthday surprise goes (especially the Nascar ride). I almost need to record it 'cuz I think it’ll be priceless. :smile:


I always enjoy reading trip reports. I’ll really be looking forwards to your’s.


What IS Ridemakerrz? I haven’t been to DTD in two years…


In a nutshell, he’ll build/design his own remote control car. :mickey:



I’ll do my best. :happy: