Rider Switch / Baby Swap


When we were at WDW in Sept we picked up Rider Switch passes a few times. There were a few times that we decided not to switch. I noticed later that the passes have an expiration date on them not a time. So basically you can go back the next day and still use the pass. Actually, you can go back the next week or even later in some cases. I know one we did not use was for Dinosaur and it says it is valid through Oct 15. I’m not sure what day we got it but we came home on Oct 1st so it was before that. I know the one for Soarin’ was good thru Sept 30th so I guess different rides have different expiration time frames? It also says good for up to three guests. I’m thinking it would have been a good idea to give this to someone else to use just like a fast pass. Or am I missing something here? Or also, to collect them during your trip and then have a no line day your last day.

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When I went to WDW in June, one night I went to the parks with a friend who had another friend along who is a CM. Talk about a commando…she had scheduled every ride for the evening. When I saw the schedule, I told her there was no way we could do all those rides in such a short amount of time.

Then she let me in on a so-called secret. She had been collecting fast passes for a few weeks when she got a chance. Apparently the CMs (at least the ones without the Earning my Ears ribbons) never check the dates on the pass, they only make sure it’s after the time listed on the pass. I doubted her, but sure enough, we made it on every ride within her schedule. I was really surprised, but it was nice to do so many major rides on a Saturday night during the summer when everything was a 90+ minute wait.


Very tricky, but I knew about that one. Don’t let your secret get out though…