Rider Switch/MK Att. Re-Entry passes


Ok so a co-worker just came back from his Disney Trip. His best friend works for DVC and gave him Space Mtn. Rider Switch tickets and MK Attraction re-entry tickets.

I understand the Re-Entry is for when a ride goes down and it grants you fast pass access to any MK ride.

I don’t understand the Rider Switch passes.

Can a CM or someone with experience with these help me out with understanding them. The co-worker who gave me the passes made it sound as if I can use them like fast passes or trade them.


I believe the rider switch pass is a Baby Swap Pass. These do let you use the fast pass line. I want to say ours had a date on them though.


Hmmmm. Well thats a bummer. My wife and I want to ride together and then hand DD off to her grandparents. Then I want her grandparents to be able to ride while we take her. I wonder how we can do this?


Just walk up to the CM with your DD( in my experience they always ask to see the kid), ask for a baby swap pass. Then give the baby swap fast pass to the GPs. Or, let the GPs go on the ride first and you and your wife go on with the Baby Swap pass.Depending on the ride, the baby swap pass is good for the person holding the pass and at least one other rider, sometime up to three other riders.
So then you and your DW go on the ride leave DD with GPs. When you get off they go in the fass pass line with the baby swap pass and they go on the ride.
This way nobody has to ride alone.
When myy DD was 1 1/2 we went to WDW with my husband’s family.
We would get a baby swap pass and he would go on the ride with his family. When they got off I went on the ride with my niece and nephew so they got to go on many rides twice.
Have fun !


We do this ALL the time.

Karen is right - just go up to the FP attendant, and ask for a baby swap/rider switch pass. Give that pass to the GP if you want.

Then, you and your wife use your FP to go ride the ride (or stand in the standby line if it’s a short wait).

Then, when you get off the ride, the GP can just go up to the fast pass line with the RIder Switch pass. (No FP needed)

Just the other day at RnR, we had fast passes and a rider switch. So, the kids got to ride RnR twice in a row.

The ‘re-entry’ tickets have no date. You can also go right to the FP line with those and get RIGHT on.

We got some when the kids got lost, and then again when SM broke down.
They can be used on ANY attraction at the MK at any time.


So now the problem exists I have 46 Space Mountain Switch Passes. 46!? Why would I go on SM 46 times!? Grrr.

The 20 Re-Entry passes though - Those are nice. No waiting for Splash or BTMRR for me! “Hold on to your hats for the wildest ride in the Wilderness! ::TOOT::”

What to do? What to do?


I would be more then happy to take some of those off your hands :biggrin: :whistling


You send a few to Erin J. Swiger. :wink:

The 19 Re-Entry passes will be awesome, though - you can use those AND get FastPasses for rides you want to ride twice in a row, and everything! That is VERY COOL!


Aren’t Rider Switches available to everyone though? I mean I guess the only thing we can do is DW and I can walk up to SM with switch passes acting as if we had 2 kids . . . Thats dishonest and shady though.


Yeah, Rider switches ARE available to everyone with kids, and we have approximately 454687 kids…


Universal definately does baby swap better than Disney. Every one of their queues has an air conditioned baby swap lounge area inside each of the attraction’s buildings. No extra papers or anything. Just walk to the exit of the ride with your swappable kid and talk to the CM.


You can always share some with your friendly DC flight companion… :happy:


I have to agree. The baby swap areas at Universal are AMAZING!!! They don’t even have special areas for babyswap at most rides at WDW. :frown:


Um . . . I just saw one of these Magic Kingdom Re-Entry tickets on EBay for $6.50! 1 Ticket. Hmmmmmm . . . $6.50 x’s 20 = $130!

I couldn’t possibly this guarantees 5 rides whenever I want. With Delaney in tow we’ll march right over to Fantasyland and let her have the best time without the wait!