Rides: Bring back/get rid of... etc


I was watching an old video of my first time to WDW back in 1995, and it sparked a good question.

If you had the power to :

  1. Bring back any
    A. ride
    B. show
    C. meal
    D. feature

and 2. Get rid of any:
A. ride
B. show
C. meal
D. feature

(you get the idea)

What would you choose and why?

*hoping for some good responses before I give my answers :slight_smile: *


If you had the power to :

  1. Bring back any
    A. ride - 20,000 leagues under the sea because it’s the only ride I can really remember from my first trip to WDW.

B. show - The Electrical light parade because it’s my all time favorite parade.

C. meal - The Hollywood and Vine character meals

D. feature - the old AP discounts instead of the flat one

and 2. Get rid of any:
A. ride - Snow White. I think it’s over due for a redo or a newdo

B. show - none, I like them all

C. meal - Nine dragons. It’s over-priced and not all that good.

D. feature - I think they should redo the meal plan making AP holders able to get it too.


As for bring back a ride…Horizons AND show…Captain EO


and get rid of a ride…none really BUT show…POCAHONTAS…WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!


I’d want to bring back :
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
The Skyride
The Villains character meal
the original figment journey into imagination

I’d get rid of
The Swiss Family Treehouse
and refurbish Tom Sawyer’s Island, or replace it with somethng else. Also, those little cars at MK, I’d get rid of those too.
and probably the Hall of Presidents too.


What’s the difference between the Electrical Light Parade and SpectroMagic?

And what’s Nine Dragons?


What was Horizons (must be before my time) and I dunno… the Muppets show to me is a lot like Captain EO (but with MJ’s current legal troubles I can see why they’d take it out) :slight_smile:


Can anyone from Disney read this??? If so, please bring back:

At MK: Skyway to Tomorrowland
At EC: Tapestry of Nations Parade



I would bring back:
ride: Alien Encounter (not really a ride!) or the ride through the aquarium in the living seas
show: Main St Electrical Parade (sooo much better than Spectro)
meal: none I can think of
feature: E ride night and old AP discounts

I would get rid of:
ride: Star Tours (I can’t ride it due to motion sickness, so I would like it replaced with something I can ride :mickey:
show: Indiana Jones Stunt show
meal: I am a pickey eater so I would get rid of a lot!
feature: can’t think of any


Ones that I would bring back
Rides- Hozions and old Figgy ride, Mr Toad’ Wild Ride and The Skyway
Shows - Tapestry parade
Meals - Villian character meal
Feature - E-ride night


bring back:
mr toads ride,skyway, 20,000 leagues

I personally dont think i would get rid of anything


I"m letting my daughter answer this, cause she’s bored:

Bring back:

Ride: Original "Journey into Imagination
Show: Superstar Television
Meal: Mickeyroni ( it’s not at enough places any more)
Feature: Disney Institute

Get rid of:

Ride: New Journey into Imagination
Show: Hall of Presidents
Meal: I really don’t understand those funnel cake things
Feature: Lumberjack Santa at the “Canada” pavillion - Like, what’s THAT all about???

Remember, this is her, not me.


I would bring back Mr. Toad, Captain EO, and Food Rocks. Mr. Toad and Food Rocks would be in different locations so that Soarin’ and Pooh can stay.

I would get rid of Honey I shrunk the Audience, Wonders of Life, and the Judges Tents at Mickey’s Toontown Fair. WoL could be replaced with StormRider, Honey would be replaced by Captain EO, and the Judges Tents would be replaced by a Mickey dark ride and a new shop.


OK, now me:

Bring back:

Ride: World of Motion
Show: Superstar Television
Meal: The Chicken Satay stand at AK
Feature: Old prices

Get rid of:

Ride: Honey I Shrunk the Audience
Show: Tarzan
Meal: Turkey Legs
Feature: New prices


I forgot about Captain Eo!!
SKYWAY! This was my moms (and my) favorite ride!! Anyone know why it’s gone?

Id also bring back 20,000 Leagues…what a great ride!
Meal: Yakitori (Yucky-tori) House…I have already expressed my feelings towards this elsewhere on this site…


I would bring back 20,000.


Yes! That was, without a doubt, their best parade EVER!


Cinderbella, I think they closed Skyway because a CM fell off of it and died.


Amen Llama!!! :laugh: :laugh:


Bring back: 20K Leagues, Tapestry of Nations

Rid us of: Tomorrowland Speedway!!! (We’ll DS loves it. So refurbish it for faster loading)


You are right Erin, a CM told us that a CM had fallen at the Fantasyland loading area. I don’t think that was the only reason it was closed though. I think some thought it was just outdated. We were there the day it closed and DS and DH were some of the last people to ride. I have video of them up in a car while I am standing on the ground, it’s pretty cool.