Rides that go backwards


My son and I were talking about EE and he brought up the going backwards part of the ride. We then talked about how many rides actually go backwards. I didn’t realize how many there actually were. Especially if you count the ones that “can” make you go backwards. With just the 4 theme parks in mind, water parks do not count, how many can you think of? I can think of 12. But, don’t post them so you can think about it. We can post them later to see which ones we are missing.


12??? Yikes, I’m not even close to 12. :pinch::redface:
Then again, I haven’t been on all of the rides at all of the parks. I’ll have to keep thinkin’.


I’ve come up with 6…I think…


I could only rememeber there being 5.


I got 3 in MK & 2 at AK.


hmm… if you count the spinning motion as being backwards, considering you are at some point backwards… and count every time the ride vehicle is moved backwards for loading/unloading…

I can think of 3 in AK. 5 in MK. 2 in DHS. 2 in Epcot. And one other if you count b/w Epcot and MK.

wewt… I got 12! Now I want to compare… this is killing me!


Oh my head hurts. Someone give the answers, please!!!


Well, I am dyin’ to know also!!
Here is what I can think of—
at AK-EE, Primeval Whirl
at Epcot-Maelstrom, Soarin’ (when you are ‘descending’ after the ride is done)
at MK- TTA(depending on where you sit), and the Teacups (?)
at DHS- RNRC- just prior to launch
That is what I came up with-anyone have any others, or disagree with mine? (some of mine are kind of questionable)


We weren’t supposed to share, yet…

But since you did, I can’t help but to. :laugh:

AK - EE, Kali (spins backwards), Primeval Whirl (spin backwards)
MK - TTA (depends on seat), TeaCups (spin backwards, Haunted Mansion (to graveyard), Railroad (there are a few backwards benches), Buzz Lightyear (spin backwards)
DHS - Midway Mania (spins backwards), Tower of Terror (you go backwards after the drops then spin around to get to the exit)
Epcot - Maelstrom, Soarin (you go backwards to get back down to the ground)

then maybe you could count the monorail, since it links two parks


EE, Khali River Rapids, Primeval Whirl, Maelstrom, Haunted Mansion, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, Spaceship Earth, Tea Cups, Monorail, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania were my 12.

Add Soarin for the backwards motion at the end. Great catch!
Add the Railroad at MK for a couple of backwards seats. I am taking your word on this because I don’t remember it.
RnRC before the launch! Nice catch!

And that brings us to 15!


DO you still go backwards in SE at Epcot?


Yes, you still do. It’s on my list if you didn’t catch it. I rode it again back in May. The ride path didn’t change or the motions. Just some scenery and the cars themselves along with the voice over.


Bingo! People missed that one, but you are correct.


I didn’t miss it!


I missed some of the others but thought of SE before I read it!


We posted at the same time, so when I posted your list wasn’t there for me to reference!

I see it now!


Tony and I rock the hot Epcot rides!


I’m all about going backwards.


Maybe tonyskl should change his name to 'Mater!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


I have no proof for it, but I’m pretty sure that at some point during Mission: Space, you’re going backwards. It appears like the stimulater goes up then pushes out.