Rides worth missing at DW


The last time we were at MK, we missed the peter pan ride and the one with pooh. I think they were closed. Are they something we should try to hit? Is there any other that are not particularly high on the exciting list? What is not worth waiting for? I know the few we will definately get to first thing: all the mountains, buzz lightyear, RoRC, Safari, KRR. Actually, missed the haunted mansion too! Is that really scary like the movie? Thanks a bunch


My DS is 4 and Pooh is his favorite…he LOVES it! Peter Pan is DH’s favorite and we HAVE to go on it everytime we go. Personally I think Snow White is a waste of time and the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride is the same as Dumbo and the Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland so we skip the Aladdin one every time we go. We also skip the Tiki bird show w/ no regrets. Another ride we skip is the TTA or Peoplemover above Tomorrowland.


It’s so different for different people and it depends on how old the kids are.

We went on Swiss Family Treehouse on our last trip, but no one was terribly thrilled about it. DS kept pointing out inconsistencies from the book, so he was annoyed. :smile: Some folks love it. I wouldn’t miss it if they tore it down.

I’ve never been on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet and haven’t been on the Tomorrowland rockets since it was refurbished 10 years ago. I haven’t been on Dumbo since DS was 3 1/2. DD has never even been on it and has no interest.

I’ve also never been on Winnie the Pooh, but I’d like to see it next time.

In the end, it all really depends on what you like.

Also, IASW was close when we were there in May…
Thank God. :wink:


The only ride I never go on is Dinosaur. Too scary! :eek: I could do without: Dumbo, Aladdins ride, the rocket ride in Tomorrowland, the carousel, Mickey’s starland (or whatever its called), or any of the stage shows at MGM (except Fantasmic). And I almost never go to AK. Just my opinion.



LOVE the Haunted Mansion!! Only a fun scary in there. My 10 year old and 3 year old love it, too. (My 7 year old hates it.)


Snow White’s Scary Adventure is neither. (scary or an adventure, I mean.) Winnie-the-Pooh is cute, but would not miss it if it weren’t there. IASM is closed until 2005, so I won’t get to indulge my guilty pleasure this time (December).


I don’t care much for Snow White’s Scary Adventure. Boring if you’re over 3 or 4 years old. Winnie-the-Pooh is cute, but I would not miss it if it were gone. Tower of Terror and Rock N’ Roll Roller Coaster, while good rides for some make me more nauseated than anything else ( and in the case of TOT, heights terrify me!). So, I usually give these two a miss. Those are my least favorites. Love Dinasaur though and AK is probobly my second favorite, the first is Epcot.


I forgot about the carousel(sp?)…nothing exciting about that one to us b/c we have one at the entrance just inside our mall. Little DS still likes it but I hate standing in line for a ride at WDW that we have in our local mall…lol


I could miss the Astro Orbitor, Indy Race cars or speedway. TTA is nice for a rest break but that is about it. The Haunted Mansion is one our most favorite rides, must do several times each visit.


My husband and I took our three sons on Winnie the Pooh. They were pretty bored with it. In Epcot, we did not particularly care for Innoventions or the Coca Cola Cooling Station. They were just o.k. In MGM, we weren’t overly thrilled with the Backlot Tour. There is so much to do at WDW, we probably won’t ever do these, again. The ones we will be sure not to miss are: Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, and Peter Pan in MK, Star Tours and Muppett Vision 3D in MGM, and Test Track at Epcot. Half our family loved It’s a Small World, and the other half hated it but I hear they are refurbishing now, anyway.

Have a Magical Day!


Haunted Mansion is my 5yo (was 4 when she rode it) Favorite ride!! It is great!! If you are a pooh fan do the ride it is cute and so is Peter Pan!!

I have a hard time skipping anything!!! I love them all!!! :whistling


We never miss Space Mt, Splash Mt, Runaway Train, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Light Year, Pirates of the Carribean, Hall of Presidents and Mickey’s Philharmonic at MK. Could do without Snow White’s Adventure, TTA, Astro Orbitor, Mickey’s Toontown (it’s cute, but DS too old for the rides) and definately IASW.


Rides I never do:Everything in Toontown,Astro orbiter,Space Mtn,Speedway,Dumbo,Carousel,that pretty much covers MK. That doesn’t mean I do every single thing each time I go,though.


WOW! I didn’t realize that IASW was closed. I sure hope it opens by May of 05! My girls would be heartbroken! We won’t be doind snow white again! They didn’t like that! What would any of you compare peter pan to? I would definately not go on the speed racer one again! Waited in line for about 45 min. and totally wasn’t worth it, thought that DH would like it thats why we waited :nonono2: Can’t wait to try out pooh and haunted mansion. And what is the hall of presidents? Would be good for 10 yr. old DD.


You know, if you have never done it---- you should try it, and if you havent done it in a long time, then maybe you should again. I was thrilled Timekeeper was open this last trip.
there is a rumor that COP will be gone. See it if you havent, just so you dont regret not seeing it. It seems better to regret riding or seeing an attraction then wondering what you missed :slight_smile:


Haunted Mansion is so much fun! I love it :smile:

Going to WDW for the third time this October and I’ve still never been on Splash Mountain! Looking forward to going on Mission: Space though!

Oops, this is a thread about what we DON’T go on! (Sorry - getting excited and carried away…!)

Ok, I never went on Alien Encounter (Cos I was scared :sad: ), I didn’t like Small Word at all so I’ll never be on that again (Sorry to everyone who loves it - I know there’s a lot of you!!), not been on Pirates of the Caribbean, those wee teacups (Their name escapes me), Dumbo, Aladdin, Pooh. Actually - there’s a lot I haven’t done. I guess I’ll probably never go on them unless I have kids! :wink:


gasp Say it isn’t so! POTC is a must do at Disney! I just Love love love it! :pirate:


Now refresh my memory…Is POTC round by the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and the Jungle Cruise?

(Jungle Cruise is great too! It’s corny but I like it!)


We had never riden Peter Pan until this year, when we did an e-ride night. The lines have always been so long before. The ride was cute, but I sure would have been disappointed if I had waited an hour in line.


Yes POTC is right after the Jungle Cruise. I am on the boat :slight_smile: corny but for us a must do.
on our recent trip this month we had one jungle cruise guy that did almost everything a bit different, even the part about going in to the tunnel …he asked for a show of hands, “how many of you think we should go on?” everyone raised their hand and he said “ok but this is Florida and we need a re-count” Also where the apes are trashing the camp site … he said those were his in-laws visiting grin