Right, Wrong, Allowed, not Allowed, have we had this discussion before?


It’s probably been discussed a bajillion times, but I’m curious and want everyones opinion.

Totally hypothetical situation:

A woman and her 6 yo son book a room only value or moderate for 6 nights. At some point, the companion of this woman arrives, and spends two nights in the room, unbeknownst to Disney. He than leaves and the rest of the trip, it’s back to just the woman and her son.

So I ask, is this right or wrong? Is it allowed by Disney, or would they just look the other way?


Since there were only two adults and the total number of people were 4 or less, then it is no big deal.


As long as the room occupancy is respected, there is no reason for Disney to care. The room charge wouldn’t change if the guest was on the reservation.

FYI- this guest might want to be on the ressie to be eligible for Magical Express…


It’s no big deal at all, you are paying for the hotel room which has two big beds and the occupancy is 4 people I think. Nearly every trip Michele will come and stay with us a night b/c she doesn’t want to drive all teh way back to West Palm, Dan’s younger sister will drink too much at Pleasure Island and want stay with us, etc… I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. (well except for the fact that these people are intruding on my vacation, haha, I’m kidding).


Another reason to be on the ressie is to take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours. That’s a really nice perk.


I understand that I, er, I mean the guest won’t be able to take advantage of DME and EMH, but I figure I’ll stay off the ressie because my travel dates won’t be decided untill the last minute.


I say whomever this scallywag is should buy the room a round of grog.
Hey, last time we were there we stay into EMH w/out the wrist band w/out questions. We didn’t register because we didn’t figure to stay over, but by the shear genius of our group leader we had all kinds of fast passes to use.


Go, have fun, enjoy.


The person contemplating this event is… RIGHT! That’s exactly the way it should be done… have fun and a guilt-free conscience! LOL


My mom and I sometimes book a room for us (two adults) and my dad will come down and stay with us for a couple of days. We don’t go and put him on the reservation and pay an extra $25 a night for him. That would be ridiculous. The room holds four and we’re only three, so no problems. In your case, you’re two adults and a child, so the extra $$$ a night wouldn’t even be an issue. Don’t worry about it and have a good trip.


When the woman checks in,she should know the travel plans of this other adult,right? She can then say at check-in,“This crazy Italian dude is going to be staying with us on such-and-such a night,so please put him on the reservation for those nights!”. When my mother and I stay at BCV for my birthday trip,my aunt might come for the last night,my actual birthday night. We won’t know if she will until we get in the room and see if the three of us would be comfortable sleeping on the queen bed and the pull-out. If we think we will be comfortable,we’ll go down to the desk and say on such-and-such a date,my aunt will be joining us for the night. Since the DVC rooms don’t charge extra for three adults in the room,it’s no big deal to put her on the ressie then.


The only problem I could potentially see Disney having with it would be if they were on a package that would require EVERYONE in the room to buy into the same package.

But, IMO, you’ll be fine. Have fun.


I have adult children and I NEVER pay extra for them.

When I check in at one of the non DVC resorts, I just ask for the number of keys I need for all of us. What is the difference in 2 adults and 2 kids or 4 adults in the same room? Heck, we SPEND more money eating and such in the resort…

At the DVC resorts, you pay for the room size not the number of people.


The room is for four people.
Add you to the ressie? FORGEDDABOUDIT!
Go. Enjoy. No Guilt.


I’m totally against this and this person should be ashamed!..nah…only kidding ya Ingamba!!! :laugh: :laugh: I think the same as everyone else and say as long as the respect is there then go for it. Enjoy and be happy! xx


I dont see a problem and i would do it.

However some hotel charge per person (including kids). My feeling is the hotel doesnt need to know.


Prices are always based on double occupancy (2 people). I think at the very least a curtesy call to the front desk would be in order. Most likely they won’t add to the cost of the room. But you won’t feel like sneaking around.
Just my opinion as an InnKeeper :wink:


It doesn’t really matter. The room is for two adults and two children. You aren’t cheating anyone this way. If there were already two adults in the room, then I would feel obligated to pay the extra charge, but don’t see any reason to. That third person can or cannot go on the room…doesn’t matter. They won’t be able to do the dining plan or any of that jazz, but it’s two days and will hardly matter.


I don’t see any ethical problem with this at all.


Well there you go, Cavey has spoken. It’s decided then. Go and have fun, for goodness sake. And don’t forget your camera!:happy: