RIP Devon Staples


Someone who knew Gaston very well made a foolish mistake. Prayers to his family.


I read about this the other day. So sad.


I saw a link on CNN’s site to a story about a man who lit a firework on his head and then died.
I didn’t bother to check out the story because I just figured it was some drunk bonehead.
Now it turns out this was a former Disney cast member and this only causes mixed feelings for me.
Sad, a little angry, and stunned. Mostly stunned that someone would be so (choose your own word here) that he would actually place an explosive on his head, light it, and not think this wasn’t a supremely bad idea.
Of course, I feel bad for his friends and family and anyone who actually witnessed this even in person. Plus, this event will forever tarnish the Fourth of July for all involved. Instead of it being a happy day, it will now forever be linked to a tragic personal loss.