Rlcarmichael at Disney Studios


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LOL!! those guys are so much fun!

good job Richard!


:laugh: Love those guys…I always stop to watch them. Good job Richard.


I LOVE the antics in the streets at HS!!! GREAT JOB, RICHARD!!! It was fun to watch! :happy:


Oh my gosh, I CANNOT wait until he sees this! :tongue: LOVE IT!!

PS: if ANY MBer out there EVER video records me & posts it, hear me know, you WILL be sorry. :pirate: :laugh:


((clap, clap, clap))) Great JOB!!! :happy:


I see an Oscar in your future! LOL


That was great!! I love the Studios!! Great job Richard!!


What fun. Well done Richard. My dh would have melted into the pavement.:blush:


Wewt! Great job!!! Future star… :laugh:


That was funny :laugh:
thanks for posting it


Good stuff! My DH would run the other direction if he was picked on like that. And he’d run fast. Way to go, Richard!


Love it…


When I grow up, I want to be a tough guy like you. Very macho.


:biggrin: Great goosestep Richard!!


I seriously hope that never happens. You growing up I mean. :smile:


Macho Lessons are now available. Payment may be made in DVC points or large bills. :whistling

Now with the opening of Idol Experience, I’m a shoo in!


Fantastic fun to watch Richard- great job!


Oh BRAVO Richard! :flowers:


Very funny and a job well done!