RnR rehab for labor day?


Can anyone confirm the closing of RnR on the sunday before Labor day? I read it in that news/rumor thread awhile back and thought that is was actually closing. I have looked on intercot, the official site and allears and there is nothing about this actually happening. Anyone have anything for me here? This is a big part of our trips to WDW and I want to tweak my plans to make sure I get on it enough before the 2nd if it is actually closing. Rowdy??


I would like to know for sure as well…we are arriving the Saturday before Labor Day and we need to try and plan it to where we ride it before Monday if the closing is indeed true.


Not sure the exact date, but we had a conversation with a CM while we were there and they were talking about this.

I do not see anything on the Main Disney World Site.


I haven’t seen anything “offical” on this either. I do remember a thread saying it would be closed until early October. We were bummed, because this covered our whole trip, too. Anyone with official information?


I called WDW and they don’t have anything official on this at all…I don’t get it. Where did the rumor come from then? I will still keep checking in cause as we all know, WDW adds these things in at random. I am happy that I will be there the full week before this closing ,but am sad to miss our tradition of riding it before we leave…oh well…small complaint. The people who are going to miss it totally are going to be far more upset then I am… Hopefully it’s not true and they don’t do it.


Yah I can’t get anymore info on this either, I keep checking. Wish something concrete would come through.


Have they ever closed a major ride on such short official notice (noting there is yet no official notice) except for an accident/incident?


R & R had a major overhaul about a year and a half ago - I can’t imagine why they’d be doing it again. All the other rehabs for Sept. are posted on the Disney Board…I’m hoping this is just a rumour…


I’ve been told by Cast Members over there that it is scheduled but no word on dates


TouringPlans.com - The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

This site makes mention of it by way of rumor.


I wonder if somewhere along the lines the refurbishing of SM to a “rockin” theme somehow translated into RNR being refurbished?

It’s possible.


oh my no!! they can’t mess w/ space mountain!! i will freak :eek:


[FONT=“Century Gothic”]Just heard that there are heavy rumors of a huge rehab for Space Mountain and the Jungle Cruise in 2008. SM is supposedly going to get a $30+ million refurb, while the Jungle Cruise will get a $13 million refurb. To put things into perspective the SM rehab in Disneyland was an estimated $15-20. Obviously no word on what these could be at this point, but I have heard someone say that Timon and Pumbaa might be added in a pre-show on JC. I’m still skeptical about the Timon and Pumbaa rumor.[/FONT]

The above was clipped from another forum (disneytrivia.com?)

The new “rockin” sountrack for SM is a done deal. Sorry.

What’s this about a JC rehab?


I rad this website and it mentions walls going up at POR swimming pool!? This I have not heard-does anyone else have info on this? We arrive soon and that does NOT make me happy!:nonono2:


The mention of a Space Mountain refurb reminds me of a conversation with a ride maintainance CM while exiting SM last fall. I don’t remember what we talked about beside SE and the rumor about conversion to a coaster. I think he said that it was rumored in his circles that SM would be getting a major refurb, possible along the lines of DL, meaning in extreme a complete replacement of the track and control systems.
This is just rumor, but if other people are hearing that SM is due for a major refurb next year, then it tracks. I have no clues about the coaster in MGM. I was more worried about when they were pulling the video globe for refurb, which could happen in September as well. I still believe the rumors that Reflections of Earth is going away and will be replaced by Skydance in the next 6 months, if not in fact in time for Epcot’s 25th birthday.


Ok so the RnR going down is purely rumor then?? Fine…sounds good to me. I will believe it when I see it listed on the official site or when I go to ride it and it’s not operating. I hate these speculating rumors…would rather see something a little more factual especially when I am in the process of planning a WDW trip.:fork_off:


I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything about a closure for R&R - the official Disney site lists every other closure we’re aware of - so I’m sure this was just a rumour that got out of control. R&R just went through a major rehab - why would they be doing it again?


I agree…It’s all baloney to me until it’s listed on the official site.