ROA Refurb


For those of you going to the resort anytime between now and this spring, just wanted to let you know for who was not aware, that ROA (Rivers of America) have gone dark while the river is refurbished/maintenance is performed, it has been drained and boarded up. This obviously means the temporary closure of the Mark Twain River Boat, Sailing Ship Columbia, Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island, Pirates Layer on Tow Sawyer Island and the Davey Crocket Explorer Canoes. The river along with most of its attractions are set to re-open on May 6. Tom Sawyer Island is scheduled to re-open a week later on the 14th. With the ROA closure, that also means Fantasmic! will be dark until this May as well.


We have a short trip planned for the beginning of April. This is our 1st time visiting DL, and I was soooo looking forward to seeing their Fantasmic. When I found out about this I was really disappointed. Do you think this is a bad time to visit? I feel like so much will be closed when we are there. Bummer.


It is a really big disappointment you wont be able to see DLRs version of Fantasmic!, its such a great show and very different compared to WDWs, most people often say they like DLRs more than WDWs, its just very very different. April is generally a good time to go, it just happen to be this year that Management decided to have the ROA be down for Refurb, it usually only goes down once every few years. But dont worry, even though you wont get to see our version of Fantasmic! there are still many other great shows and parades that will be offered while you are there, heck, you might even get to see a showing of Disney’s World of Color, I forgot when it officially starts (the new Water Nighttime Spectacular beginning this spring in DCA), so there will still be plenty to see and do, the ROA area of Disneyland Park will look very strange though with the whole river and TSI blocked off, but like I said, you will still enjoy yourself :mickey:

Check out this link below, this is Today’s (Monday) DLR Pictorial Update from, there are some pictures of the drained ROA area and an update of everything that is currently going on at DLR. Enjoy!
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