ROA to be refilled May 7th, but what did they find?


I am really bored at work right now, and since nothing has been posted in like a week, I figured I would liven up the board a bit. On top of the exciting return of ROA and all the attractions that come with it, I read on the OC Registar about some of the interesting items that were found. Some are something you might expect, but other things are truly bizare!!! They include the following:

Plastic Swords
Mardi Gras Beads (Due to Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee)
Hundreds of Cellphones and Walkie Talkies
Mickey hats
Car Keys
Half a canoe
Computer Tower
Bottle of Rum
And of course Baby Pacifiers.

Not Necessarily sure if any of this true, but it kept my interest. :slight_smile:


What about Jimmy Hoffa … ? :pirate:


I wondered were the toaster went that we took last summer. Did they mention a lost and found were I can claim it?


LOL! SO IT WAS YOU!!! LOL! Nope sorry.


What are we talking about here?


I’m wondering the same thing Boss. Haven’t a clue.


They’re refurbing river of America in Disneyland and they found all of this when they drained it. Well from what i’ve heard the few things that seem outrageous are just that, they weren’t found.


Most if it’s true, at least according to the Orange County Register: Workers find unusual items in Disneyland river - Around Disney : The Orange County Register


Oh yeah no doubt its true.


Thanks Pixie!

Now we know the answer to Jack’s question, “But why is the rum gone?”