Road Closures due to Fire?


We will be traveling from Jacksonville to Disney on Friday night… I heard on the news today that some Florida roads and interstates would be closed for 4 hours in the morning and possibly after dark for the next few days. Some others are closed altogether due to the fire/smoke.

Does anyone know if there is a site that shows what Roads are closed due to fire/smoke? We normally drive through the Ocala National Forest but that area usually has fires when we have a yucky fire season like this one, so I am not sure if we should change our route or not…


I would check their local news. They have to have a website for that. Maybe calling the orlando police department? Just a suggestion. I hope someone from that area sees this and can help.


Right now, the only fires around are affecting I-95 and SR-528 in Brevard County. If you are driving from Jacksonville to Orlando, they shouldn’t affect you. The most direct route is I-95 South to I-4 West. There have been fires in Volusia County as well, but I don’t think they have affected the roads there. Besides, the roads mentioned above have, so far, only been closed from 5AM to 9AM (which is the time I need them, but I digress).

Looks like you’ll be OK on your drive unless another fire starts in the meantime… :biggrin:


i was there last month and i saw the firefighters in the magic kingdom. i saw them in the train.


You should be fine at this point, the section of I-95 that is closed is south of where you would exit for I-4 and I-4 is open. If you come down through the ocla national forest you will be fine I think the fire in Lake county is out and if not its not closing any roads.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip down!

The Orlando Police Dept will not be able to help with this problem becuase none of there roads are closed, if you wish to contact a police dept in reguards to this your best bet would be the Florida Highway Patrol. (FHP’S Website)


Just wanted to post on this thread to get my Avatar out there. God bless them.


Unless conditions worsen, which doesn’t seem likely at this time, you shouldn’t have any problems. A co-worker of mine commutes daily from Jacksonville to Orlando (I know, that’s insane :eek:) using I-95 and I-4 and he hasn’t encountered any road closures at all. As others have said, all the affected roads are south of the I-4 exit on 95.


It’s a pain in the butt for me,because I won’t be able to go to Tigger’s Meet and greet on Saturday because of the stupid roads being closed!!(:


What road, I-95 or 528? I hope you are safe mickaholic4077.

I-95 was indefinetly closed yesterday due to a corncern of falling tree’s.

If you plan on taking a cruise you really need to pay attention to these road closures.


I love your avatar, Boo! And I agree, God bless them all. Have a great trip and be safe.



It rained and poured today for about 40 mins, The best thing I have seen in months I’ll bet we got atleast a inch of rain maybe more.


That’s certainly good news! I hoped it helped improve the dry conditions down there.


According to CNN, I-95 will be closed for the next few days, between Port Orange and Edgewater. Apparently, trees in the affected are becoming unstable and falling onto the roadway. Article

I don’t know where Port Orange & Edgewater are, so I don’t know if that will affect your travels.