Roaring Forks CS at WL


Hi Everyone!

I am itching to get my butt to WDW but for some reason I have to wait, the darn time machine is just not working properly!


I figured one way that will make the time go quickly and that is to get MB reviews on the restaurants that we plan on eating.

My first place that we will be eating is Lunch on our arrival day at Roaring Forks at WL.


How is it? Any tips? Any picks/pans?

Thanks MB!



I remember Roaring Forks being nothing special, just your regular CS place.

But saying that we ate there several times when we stayed at the WL. It was very convienent.


Like Buzz sad, it’s nothing special. There are some pre-made things and things like burgers and fries.


It was nothing special, run of the mill, but, like the others said, quite convenient.


I seem to remember they did do some work to it, our very own MissDisney was going to check it out on her last trip, perhaps she will chime in for us.

I liked it for the convenience, but I haven’t been at the WL for a couple of years now.