Roaring Forks "partially" open


According to Allears:

… from Debra: We recently stayed at the Wilderness Lodge (January 9-15) and a portion of Roaring Fork is open. The left-hand side of the restaurant is closed, but the right-hand side is open. They serve breakfast, lunch and pastries. We enjoyed bacon, egg and cheese breakfast croissants, a variety of sandwiches and wonderful desserts. There is no seating inside, but there are 4 or 5 tables directly outside the front door.

This was in their ‘Allears Hears’ section, so your mileage may vary.



Thanks for the update, Bruce!!! This will be helpful information to those visiting the WL, soon!


Thanks Bruce. Since FW doesn’t do counter service meals for the dining plan, Roaring Forks was the closest to our camp site. With it being closed, I was wondering what we would do.


Bruce–thank you very large…I have been grumbling about RF being closed while we are there–good to know I still have some semblance of counter service!! Gotta have those mickey rice crispies and magic bars at night!!!whew!!


I read this too Bruce ! I was very happy to see a solution to my problem !!


That’s great news for people going soon. I would have a hard time if I couldn’t grab a snack and get my mug refilled each night.




Bali, I was hoping you too would see this thread!