Rock n roller coaster


Have heard that Disney might be replacing Aerosmith as the band at the ride and replacing them with the Jonas Brothers. Rumor or truth? We shall see.


I hope not, Only my opinion but the jonas brothers aren’t the rockstars that ride calls for…


That would be tragic. I was afraid something might happen with it when I heard Steven Tyler quit the band a few months back. Hope it’s just a rumor!


They better darn well NOT! :mad: Roller coasters to me, need rock, not bubble gum pop. I cannot imagine any Jonas song working with any coaster.

From what I last heard, Steven was on hiatus due to re occurring addiction issues and medical issues. When he needed surgery on his knee (I think this was the 1st cause) he got hooked on the pain meds, then the next injury occurred. He has since been battling the knee issues and the addiction. The rest of the band was supposed to be looking for a non permanent replacement. Still have NO idea who the heck can fill Tyler’s shoes. If something else has been said or etc then I’m not sure. I haven’t seen any other tidbits about it since.


Oh that wouldn’t work at all.


Jonas Brothers will never be Aerosmith.


Not happening. I start a tour with the boys from Boston next week.


Um … No thank you… That’s jus WRONG :dry:


Oh, gosh, I hope not.


When is the stop in South Carolina???


That would shorten the line up for the ride. While their at it they could replace the music on all the rides. Its a Small World could be Metallica, Hauted Manssion could be Boy George. I see where this is going.



I vote RUMOR!!!


Why would they do this? I know it is just a rumor but it does not make sense. Aerosmith is more popular than the Jonas Brothers and plus these bubble gum rock groups normally last a couple years.


Is it April 1st already?

No really, that would be terrible :blow: It’s not a ride for the faint at heart. And neither should be the soundtrack Look at me, I’ve never been on it only near it. Jonas Brothers should be the background music for , lemmmesee…ummmm…the Barnstormer? :laugh:


Well that would be one way to kill that ride… I hope it’s just a rumor.



might get DH to go on it more willingly though!


All I have to say is if they stick Selena Gomez on the ToT and Hannah Montana on Space Mountain, I’m canceling my trip. :blink:


No way this would happen. Aerosmith is classic rock, Jonas brothers are only bubblegum. Their music is not mainstream enough to have widespread appeal.


Too true, what 50+ yr old would be caught dead rocking out to JoBro? Heck I’m only 30 and I refuse to be seen/heard openly listening to them! :laugh:

K, I have listened to them, but I’d rather pop a Backyardigans cd in my van than a JB one.


Hopefully Disney has way more sense than that. Come on.