Rockin Rollercoaster single rider line


Is there one?


[QUOTE=fjs08;1069044]Is there one?

I’m pretty sure there is. I think they go in on the fast pass line. :confused: I’ll do some googleing. :whistling:blush:


yes there is. it’s different from the fast pass line.


There is a single rider line and its usually super fast.


Wow, where’s it at? I stood in the regular line by myself. Took about 30 minutes to get through. Would have loved to know that they had a single ride line.


As you approach the entrance to get in the ride, take a look at the signage above you. They direct you to enter at different gates, all going to different places: reg line, fast pass line and single rider line.


We used it last summer, so I know there is one. Just follow the signs.


All three lines are together just follow the signs.


The single riders line has never been very fast for me. It’s because the seats are by two, so you’re only filling in extras for the odd groups of three or five or so. When you’re standing in the single rider line, it always feels like everyone is in even groups.


We often use single rider. The funny thing about it is you usually end up in the same car as at least one of your party.


I have done that alot too and it has been faster then the FP lines usually which makes since if you think about it. I don’t think we should tell me people about this tip though, now many more will use the single rider line if they see this. :laugh:


Single rider has NEVER been faster than FP on RNR for me. :glare:

We were short a FP, so we sent someone through single rider, and we ended up waiting 30 extra min for him after we got off… it was in February, too.

It actually might be faster during peak season, though… more people riding, greater chance there will be a “hole” in a car.


Yes and if you use it you get right on. I rode it 3 times in 15 minutes last time I went.


I don’t think we’ve waited more than 15 minutes - in and out - on any single rider line. We especially use it on Test Track.


Single rider line is hit or miss. Sometimes you are a walk-on and sometimes it seems to move like molasses. But if the regular line is really long, it’s always better.