ROE Viewing area for Teppan Edo


Does anyone know if there is a viewing area for ROE at Teppan Edo? DH and I have a 730 ADR there and really want to see the show at 9.


I honestly don’t know. You should try pming Soundgod if he doesn’t see this thread. He would know.


The terrace to your left when you leave the building. Don’t go down the stairs, just walk to you left and you have the very best up off the ground view. No heads in your way, just fireworks. You’ll love it.


Teppan Edo?? Really??? Cool!


Wow Dopey, that’s a great little tidbit! Thanks! :heart:


Teppan Edo does not have a viewing area from the restaurant, only if you go outside on the deck as Dopey suggests. Tokyo Dining is at the front of the building, and most of the tables have a great view, no need to go outside.


Thank you Everyone for your help.


this is true, but what if people crowd on the terrace in front of the windows, I don’t think that the people inside will be able to watch then, errrrr…I think


Actually, with the remodel, they raised the floor of the entire second floor about 4 feet above the level of the terrace. We had a table right by the front window, and the terrace was packed, but they didn’t even block my view of the walkway around Epcot, let alone the fireworks.


Wow. That sounds even better. It’s time for us to try someplace else for front row seating while dining. The R&C disappointed us last time.