Rolie Polie rounding out, Circus moves in!


Not sure if this has been mentioned here or not, but starting next week a new JoJo’s Circus segment replaces the old Rolie Polie Ollie segment in Playhose Disney.


That will be nice for the kids! My dd is a little tired of that now, maybe this will keep her interested.


Wow. (Yawn) What fantastic news. (Yawn)

One awful show replaced by another awful show - - So where are Quack Attack, Mousterpiece Theater, the vintage Mickey Mouse Club, Zorro and The Wonderful World of Color???


We never went to the old show, DD is not a big Roli Poli fan. She does like Jo-Jo a tiny bit so maybe we will go see it in May.


Yea… the whole playhouse Disney is geting outdated, it’s time for something new totally I think. I do think JoJo is a step up from Ollie though… remember the target audience here.


LOL, I’m in total agreement with you (even though my kids do watch the new stuff). I can always get in the mood for the Bear Cha Cha Cha!


:laugh: That’s my favorite!!

Glad to hear about Jo-JO


I’ve never been to playhouse disney, but we really want to go this time around! I’m kind of hooked on Stanley, so I hope he’s there, and, of course, Bear!!


Nope didn’t know that one… I did know Playhouse Disney was haing a rehab though. Good to know.


I felt the exact same way - in all my years of going to MGM, Dh and I had never even bothered with the PHD show - we had no reason to. But then Ds came along and it was a whole different story. This last trip, PHD was the highlight of our trip. It’s not the show I enjoyed, but my Ds’s reaction to the show. I guess you definitely have to take into account the target audience. I personally would much rather see one of the classics, but for Ds’s sake, I’m glad PHD is there! And yes - I think Jo-Jo will be a nice change to the show - Rollie Polie Olie is just a little too weird for me! Glad Bear and Pooh are staying though!


We like JoJo! I’m glad to hear of something new for the little ones because they can’t go on some of the best rides. The little guys have to get excited about something! Just watching them having fun is a great attraction on it’s own.


Last year was my first time to see the Playhouse Disney show. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, and our little one loved it. Still I don’t think I’m too keen on JoJo. Clowns are scary. Even Disney ones. Don’t you guys know that? I didn’t like TV Show, but Rolie Polie Ollie was great on stage.


I am glad Jojo is being added. My daughter loves her. Somebody at Disney told her she was already in it and she cried because Jojo wasn’t in it


This might sound weird… but I can’t wait till I have kids so I have an excuse to see this show! :laugh: I secretly watch PHD on TV sometimes… it’s just so cute! Stanley and JoJo are my favorites. I hope JoJo stays for a while (a LONG while… kids are a long way off! :blink:).


Well since we have seen the show on two different trips, it’s great to see a change!