Roll away


So I just called and requested a roll away they said they don’t request anymore. Why what do you do when u have 2 teenage boys.


Where are you staying? Some hotels don’t have room for a cot in the room…it would be against fire regulations in some of them.


We are staying at pop.


Hopefully someone else with more direct knowledge can answer your question…I just know that remembering the time I stayed at Pop, I don’t think there is room for a rollaway bed in there. Some of the moderate resorts rooms have trundle beds, and now there are the AoA family suites.

Have you had a rollaway at Pop before? If so then I would ask the Disney reservations people why they changed their policy.


Unfortunately they don’t have rollaways at the Pop. The rooms just aren’t big enough - you’d be climbing over beds to get to the bathroom.


Pop Century rooms do not have the space for a cot. I love the resort, but the rooms are small. Also, the beds are full size which is going to give a whole new meaning to sleeping together. If it were me? I would either bring a twin size air mattress down with me or mail one to the resort with you name and check in dates.


Dana has an excellent idea…bring or ship an air mattress.


Thank you all I like the air mattress idea we r flying southwest so I can take two bags of luggage which will help. No need to mail.


Coming from a person with two teenage boys, we spent only one night at Pop before heading to AKL and we were sooooo tight on space. Wondering, have you ever looked into renting points? I was looking at the square footage of the resorts. Pop is 260sf, but if you were to consider Animal Kingdom Lodge, its 366sf and even larger is Old Key West at 390 square feet. It may be more comfortable and enjoyable for your family. Just a suggestion.


Thanks for that beithishooked we are on a very tight budget we are getting the free quickservice without that we might not have gone this year. I think we will be good with mattress. We don’t really use the room much except to sleep and shower.


Having 3 teen girls and very seldom getting an extra room, or even finding one with a sleeper sofa we often take an air bed while traveling.
We’ve booked rooms that show a sofa in the room online only to arrive and see it’s been changed to a chair. That happened on the way to our WDW trip in 2010. DD14 refused to sleep with her sisters in the same bed so she pulled out the ironing board and slept on it. YES SHE DID!

So now we always carry one on trips just in case. It’s portable and can be picked up to store much easier than a cot, and personally I feel they’re more comfortable as the wire from the cot sometimes press through.


My girls absolutely refused to share a bed - starting at about 13.:glare: I’ve often “made” a bed on the floor, just folding the two bedspreads into a “mattress”, covering it with a sheet, and calling housekeeping for an extra pillow and blanket. It worked out fine. They took turns sleeping on the floor. Their choice. My girls could - and still do - sleep anywhere they collapse.

I don’t know if you’re driving or not, but if you are, a foam mattress would work well. I always have such bad luck with air mattresses…


Air mattress! We always bring a twin size mattress for one of the three kids. You can buy them with a pump built in it.


Here’s a trick my friend with 3 sons did as they became teenagers (it would not work at Pop, as the room limit is 4 people):

Rather than rent a second room, the “bidding” would start at 1/2 the price of the rented room. Each boy could out bid their brother for the lowest bid. The winner slept on an air mattress on the floor AND got paid his bid.

So if a kid really wanted to sleep on a mattress, he could. If he really wanted a few bucks for spending money, he could outbid his brothers and sleep on the floor.

No fights. No arguments. My friend saved a ton of money and grief on that move until the boys were grown.


Coronado Springs has cots but you can’t reserve them over the phone. You have to request it at check in. $16.71 per night. Better to bring a air mattress if you can.


One sleeps above the covers, the other sleeps under. :wink:

Cavey’s bidding scenerio sounds like fun.

BTW - why am I a VILLAIN??? :pirate: :laugh:


BTW - why am I a VILLAIN??? :pirate: :laugh:[/QUOTE]

That’s what we all wonder! :ninja:


Either get an adjoining room, and keep the door between the rooms open if it makes you more comfortable, or change hotels. Possibly look into the value with suites or a moderate hotel that sleeps 5 (Coronado).

Hope this helps!


[QUOTE=CaraMia;1117623]Either get an adjoining room, and keep the door between the rooms open if it makes you more comfortable, or change hotels. Possibly look into the value with suites or a moderate hotel that sleeps 5 (Coronado).

Hope this helps![/QUOTE]

Coronado doesn’t sleep 5 unless that 5th one is under 3, which in that case they all do. The only Mod that can register 5 is POR and the 5th would take the foldout bed and appears smaller than an air bed.