Roll your pants up


…and try to stay safe and dry. Hope all you North East peoples weather this storm and all make it out ok.


Yes. Praying for all of you who are in the path of the storm. Stay safe!


Stay safe, thinking of you all.


I’m near Phila and still waiting for the storm to hit. We’ve had some rain but nothing horrible. I think we as prepared as we can be. Our biggest fear is losing electricity Our sump pump in the basement ran like crazy with Irene last yr. We have a small generator. Actually we’ve had it for yrs, we just took it out of the box yesterday. If that falls, on Thur we will be having a giant BBQ using up all the meat in our freezer.

I’m always thinking up “just in case” solutions. As mentioned with the sump
pump. I blew up the DGK’s pool, it holds about 200 gallons. I put it in the basement, I figured it the sump pump fails, I can bail water into the pool. You may all laugh now. My DH did, but then he thought it wasn’t such a bad idea.


Raining kitties and poodles here now…but I can’t tell you where I am…till the ornament exchange…:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

…be safe everyone…


Thinking of you all. Please be smart and get out if you are told. Nothing is worth hanging around. It can all be replaced.
If you don’t have your survival gear at the ready get it now(flashlights, small lanterns, water, non-refrig food). Also, remember to fill a tub with water to flush your toilets.
And NO OPEN CANDLES unless they are in a secure glass container. Too many fires during storms from open candles that fall over of something falls into them.


Thinking of all who have been affected by Sandy. Stay safe!


Thinking of everyone. They are telling us here in Chicago we will have 22 ft high waves near Lake Shore Drive. Can’t imagine how bad it will be out East.

JoJo…I think that’s a good idea with the pool. Very creative and effective!

Stay safe everyone. Prayers and pixie dust is being sent your way!


NJ is starting to get pummeled. Stay safe everyone!!


Just heavy rain and some gusts 60-70 with tidal flooding in areas that always flood with noreasters or trpoical storms here in coastal VA. Still getting the last of the heavy rain bans it looks like and I got into the office this afternoon with no problems.


We are just starting to get some nasty winds. They are predicting the eye of the storm to hit in the next two hours. What will be, will be. Hope everyone stays safe!


Had a big gust last night about bedtime and a big thump. Looked around the yard and didn’t see anything. This morning DW says the back yard neighbors fence lost a board which is now in my yard.

When I head out to put the board back, I see a branch in his yard. A small tree in my yard 30 feet away split at the trunk and one branch hit the fence. Guess I’ll be a good neighbor and see if I can fire up the old chain saw this afternoon.

Hope everyone else is fairing ok. BossMouse is somewhere pretty close to where the eye made landfall.


We lost an apple tree. It was about 30yrs old but it was a type that only grew about 8 - 10 ft tall. So it won’t be too bad to clean up.

Lights blinked about a hundred times and we kept thinking “this is it”, but only lost power for about a min.

Amazing a portable basket ball net that is rusting, is 25 yrs old and is held in place by water in the base and sand, it still standing


Jo-Jo storms are funny that way. I’ve seen a tornado uproot a full grown tree yet a lawn chair 20ft from it remain in place.


We did well here—prepared for the worst but never lost power—friends in the area are without it but not our neighborhood…I am very thankful and my thoughts go with all who were affected by Sandy…


Wish and Boss both have posts on facebook and alright. Of course with Vince you have to qualify that statement. He has a tree down and is talking about using a chain saw. Be afraid Delaware, be VERY afraid.