Roller Coaster Newbie


:minnie::pluto:Ok, so last year I got brave and rode “Primevil Whirl” & “Barnstormer”! OH YEAH! :pirate: I am SCARED TO DEATH of roller coasters so this was a big darn deal :eek: Now some of you might laugh, BUT this is serious :ohmy: !!

I am dying to continue my brave streak at the end of the month when we return with a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! Can someone please help me with the drops on this ride and some other info for this “Roller Coaster Newbie”?

Everyone seems to have such a goodtime and I want to increase my Disney Magic!!! Thanks all…


I love roller coasters, but I have anxieties about water, so I understand your fears. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad doesn’t really have drops in my opinion, they’re more dips. The track kind of “rolls”–no major climbs. It is just a little more intense than the Barnstormer, and it’s much longer. I think you will like it, and it is a great next step for you! :happy:


Ok here are something to help you.

  1. The train is on a track. It leaves the station and returns to the station 100’s of times a day.
  2. Disney does stuff to raise anxiety at the start of the ride. Most of this is done with noise. BTM, SM, Dinosaur, and a few others use large clanking or popping on the first hill. Put your fingers in your ears will help eliminate this “trick” (Dinosaur also strobes you at the same time so close your eyes).
  3. Relax through scream therapy. As you start to accelerate down the hill scream. Try not to do a scared scream. Yell something joyful like Happy Birthday or Praise Jesus or Long Live Mickey Mouse.
  4. On tight corners tighten your core and hunch over a little. Breath out as do this.
  5. Try to get seated as far up front as you can. The further back the more wiping and jarring. (actually sitting right up front is not that bad (RR it is great!).

The more you ride the more at easy you will and the less you will need to use these techniques.


I definitely agree that sitting up front is a good strategy-especially for BTMRR, because I find that you can really see what’s coming up, so no “crazy surprises”, and you don’t accelerate down the dips as quickly as you do in the back. Personally, I really only enjoy BTMRR if I am able to be in the back, but, for someone who is new or a bit scared to ride, take the front car-good luck!!


I love coasters however I have a massive fear of heights, so the coasters that have the long drag up to the first drop fills me with fear +++:ph34r:

I found that Primevil Whirl was one of the worst especially as it zig zags across the top… :blink:

try getting on coasters that have very short Waite time helps so there is not such and anticipation build up, use fast pass. and enjoy the moment. :eek::eek:

take a chill pill :laugh::blush::laugh:


if you live in south jerz do you go to six flags? ugh those rides make me soooo sick! i go occassionally knowing very well its not disney, but forced down with a few friends from work every now and then… if not, don’t waste your money there!


take a chill pill :laugh::blush::laugh:[/QUOTE]

Hey I’m tryin…right now it’s just a chewable at this point!! :laugh:


That place is icky :blow: and I can not stand to go there. My DD earns a tix there selling Girl Scout cookies and we give it away every year! :glare: If you are like myself, you compare everything to Disney…:pirate:


I also think that BTMRR is great because you go up the hill, and then you start down the hill before you start to speed up. It is not like a big huge drop from the top. In other words, controlled downhills… And each one goes into a turn instead of straight down. It makes it a little easier to tolerate. There are 3 hills, if that helps.

I do hate the loud clicking on the first hill, but it is like an annoying loud sound effect.


i do not absolutely do roller casters of any type. I am a big chicken I love big thunder mountain no big climbs or downs … not bad. even though every time i do on i scream like a little girl. I still go on.


Oh I might add that you should stay properly hydrated. I don’t know if this works for others but if I have had plenty of water during the day I don’t feel sick afterward.


compare EVERYTHING too. you are right… it’s icky :blow:


Though it is shorter my sister and I still swear that Barnstormer is more intense than any other ride in MK, especially BTM. :blink:

But the best advice is definitely to sit towards the front so that you are halfway or farther down the hill before the train gains any real speed. Just lower the lap bar and have fun! :mickey:


I think that if you can do PW you can handle BTMRR! PW make me :blow: I feel awful after riding it and only do it because DDs like it so much and DH would :blow::blow::blow: if he got on it.

If it makes you feel any better and not to diminish your fear but my DDs were both 3 the first time they rode BMTRR and the loved it then and they love it now. My oldest loved Splash Mountain from day one she could ride where DD#2 was not easily convinced she would like it considering the visual of the drop into the briar patch.

Good luck! I think you will be getting back in line to do it again soon after your first ride. I agree if you sit up front and can see more it may be better for you and as Tigger said the addition of the visuals and audio add more to the ride than there actually is. Try to enjoy the things you will see on your ride, some of them are pretty funny.:laugh:


The lovely thing about Big Thunder is that it is just themed so beautifully. Everywhere you look there’s something to appreciate… maybe try to see how much you can see instead of worrying about what’s coming next?


Also- I think the VERY front makes it harder to see… but maybe the second to front car would be perfect for you?


agreed. the inside is the best part!


Which is why their collection of 12 coasters all in the same park (13 next year), most of which crush anything Disney has ever had is lame when compared to WDW’s are not as good as Disney’s lame collection of 6 coasters in 3 parks?

People can say almost anything they want about Six Flags parks and how they’re dirty and not Disney, but when the rubber hits the road, Six Flags, Cedar Fair, and Busch Parks all crush Disney in the coaster department.
The only Disney coaster that ever broke fresh ground was Matterhorn Bobsleds.


But, they are not hitting the same target audience. Remember Walt wanted to build a family park where everyone could do stuff together, not build the next great thrill attraction. The philosophies are totally different.


You will have no problem with Big Thunder Mountain, it is very mild coaster I love all coaster the bigger or faster the better for me.